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5 Key Financial Moves You Should Make Before 2014

How to stay ahead of f2014 inancial pitfalls

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Some seniors find it difficult to discuss touchy issues with their children. Some friends used to take their grandchildren to Disneyworld when they reached a certain age. Their children and grandchildren had come to expect it. When the tradition began to strain the budget, they decided to ‘fess up and tell their children they could no longer afford it. Their children completely understood. Even better, the parents of the grandchild who was next in line proudly announced they could afford it and invited Grandma and Grandpa to Disney as guests for a change.

Multi-generational family dynamics can be complicated, so don’t stop discussing the hard stuff with your children just because they’re adults.

2013 was a year of extreme predictions. Some pundits recommend going “all in” the market next year, while others say to sell everything. Both are lousy approaches for protecting your nest egg. The former is too risky for retirees, but the latter approach will leave you without adequate income and vulnerable to inflation.

There is a third alternative.

We recently published the December issue of our premium publication, outlining a comprehensive strategy for managing your retirement money. Our portfolio experienced double-digit gains last year, without taking risks inappropriate for those in or approaching retirement. Simply put, we have serious circuit breakers in place to protect you should the market drop like it did in 2007-2008.

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