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5 Monthly Dividend Stocks to Snag in 2014

Stocks that pay dividends each month have several advantages

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Best Monthly Dividend Stocks - Whitestone REIT

whitestonereit 5 Monthly Dividend Stocks to Snag in 2014Dividend Yield: 8.7%

Returning to U.S. shores, the next of our monthly dividend stocks is Whitestone REIT (WSR), a smaller REIT that specializes in shopping centers.

I should start by making one point very clear: while I like Whitestone, it is a very different kind of REIT than Realty Income or American Realty Capital Properties. Its property portfolio is far less geographically diversified (with properties in just three states), and it is a much smaller company by market cap ($290 million).

Still, despite its small size, Whitestone has been inking deals with some heavy hitters of late, including Wal-Mart (WMT). And with the U.S. economy slowly shifting back into growth mode, Whitestone should decent rent growth going forward in its retail properties.

Whitestone currently yields 8.7%, making it the highest-yielding name on this list of monthly dividend stocks. Part of this is due to its lack of dividend growth; the stock has paid 9.5 cents per month since September of 2010.

I’m OK with that, though. As investors in monthly dividend stocks, we can collect that monthly dime per share indefinitely, reinvesting it to grow our share count.

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