4 Popular TV Shows That Killed Off Famous Characters

Walking Dead characters aren't the only with unhappy endings

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4 Popular TV Shows That Killed Off Famous Characters

Popular TV Shows – The Walking Dead

If you make a show about zombies, you have to be willing to kill off characters. It’s the only way to maintain a sense of constant suspense — the feeling that, at any moment, anyone could die. And The Walking Dead doesn’t disappoint.

Famous Killed-Off Walking Dead Characters – Shane, Lori, Merle, Sophia, Andrea … and a whole lot more

Walking Dead logo 185 4 Popular TV Shows That Killed Off Famous CharactersThe Walking Dead characters have a rough life. Everywhere they go, they find hordes of shambling, undead corpses looking for a nice limb to snack on. Worse, every new person they encounter is a possible enemy, in a “guilty until proven innocent” world where trust is superseded by survival instincts.

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular TV shows on the air right now, and the show has killed off The Walking Dead characters in just about every season. In fact, the most recent episode gives Game of Thrones’ “Red Wedding” a run for its money for most talked about TV episodes of 2013.

In the zombie apocalypse, no one is safe — not even famous characters that fans love.

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