Study: James Bond’s Likely Demise? Death by Alcohol

Two physicians say he needs immediate treatment


Study: James Bond’s Likely Demise? Death by Alcohol

How much alcohol does famed British spy James Bond actually drink?

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Fans of the Bond novels, penned by Ian Fleming, probably have never counted how many times the super-suave, super-agent imbibes. But it turns out some medical researchers have. Two British physicians tracked Bond’s alcohol intake as mentioned in the 14 original Bond books and calculated that the attractive spy consumed about 92 units of alcohol per week. That’s a lot of alcohol. Indeed, it’s four times above what doctors consider acceptable alcohol intake, CNN notes.

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The study concluded that after consumer so much alcohol, Bond would not have been able to complete his dangerous missions or survive so many attempts on his life. In fact, after examining Bond’s on-screen drinking, the physicians recommended “an immediate referral for further assessment and treatment.”

Unfortunately, without intervention, the physicians concluded that Bond would suffer an early death due to his excessive alcohol consumption. In an odd coincidence, Fleming himself died at the age of 56, but his death was due to cardiac problems.

The study only examined the drinking found in the Bond novels, not the numerous movies made over the last five decades. The Bond study was published in the Christmas edition of the British Medical Journal.

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