Where You’ll Find the Best Last-Minute Christmas Deals

by Christopher Freeburn | December 23, 2013 10:32 am

sale-shopping-bag[1]Shoppers who wait until days right before Christmas can snag some great last-minute Christmas deals[2].

Analysts note that more consumers may be waiting for Christmas bargains this year due to the uncertain economy. Analysts says that retailers, hoping to move more merchandise before the holiday departs, are offering more last-minute Christmas bargains compared to last year, Reuters notes.

Some retail chains are sending out more circulars over last year, including Walmart (WMT[3]), Macy’s (M[4]), Kohl’s (KSS[5]), Target (TGT[6]), Best Buy (BBY[7]) and JCPenney (JCP[8]). They have also increased the number of emails sent promoting Christmas bargains by 54.2% from last year.

Apparel retailers are expected to offer the best last-minute Christmas deals. A recent consumer poll indicated that spending on toys, electronics and jewelry would be down this year, meaning that retailers may offer bigger last-minute Christmas deals to attract consumers.

Appliance sales were up more than 18% in November, suggesting that stores may be less inclined to offer Christmas bargains on those.

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