AAPL – iPhone, iPad Users Spent $10B in Apple App Store in 2013

by Christopher Freeburn | January 8, 2014 12:35 pm

The App Store is helping boos[1]t Apple’s (AAPL[2]) bottom line.

apple ios7 630[3]
Source: Apple.com

On Tuesday, AAPL said that App Store sales topped $10 billion during 2013. Since it launch in 2008, the App Store is estimated to have generated sales in excess of $21.4 billion, the Guardian notes.

AAPL receives 30% of all sales made through the App Store. Developers have received more than $15 billion from app sales since AAPL opened the App Store.

In January 2013, AAPL revealed the number of apps downloaded during the prior year, but declined to provide financial data on App Store transactions.

AAPL noted that the App Store generated sales of more than $1 billion during December alone.

Shares of AAPL stock rose almost 1% in Wednesday mid-day trading. AAPL stock has gained more than 35% since late July.

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