Girlease: Mom’s Boob Sweat Product Hits Dr. Oz, QVC

by Karl Utermohlen | January 16, 2014 1:55 pm

Many women have been looking for ways to stop boob sweat and it looks like they finally found a solution with Girlease.

Source: Flickr[2]

Nanette Frank was looking to stop boob sweat[3] with a bra made out of a light and absorbent fabric after struggling with boob sweat during her daughter’s wedding. She called more than one hundred manufacturers and pitched them her idea but everyone wanted to either charge her a fortune to send her fabric or they didn’t take her seriously.

She eventually met a sales rep from California who drove down to talk to her about a way to stop boob sweat. She used her old sewing machine to build Girlease, a light and absorbent bra that absorbs boob sweat and works for women of all sizes.

The product became an instant hit that made its way to QVC’s (LINTA[4]) website[5] and even a Dr. Oz show that promoted Girlease. Needless to say, Frank has created a reliable product to stop boob sweat for women of all sizes in hot and even hotter temperatures.

LINTA stock is down 0.7% Thursday.

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