Prince Drops $1M Lawsuits Against 22 Fans

It's not the first time he has battled copyright infringement


Prince Drops $1M Lawsuits Against 22 Fans

One of the music world’s biggest stars has performed a legal about-face.

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Prince, who rose to fame in the 1980’s with a long list of pop chart-toppers, including Little Red Corvette, Purple Rain and When Doves Cry, has discontinued a lawsuit failed against 22 individuals who posted links to bootlegged videos of his concerts on social media websites like Facebook (FB) and Google’s (GOOG) blogging platform. The lawsuit, which was filed on Jan. 16, was discontinued “without prejudice,” meaning that Price could refile the litigation in the future, International Business Times notes.

 Prince Drops $1M Lawsuits Against 22 Fans
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In his lawsuit, Prince was only able to provide deal names for 2 of the defendants. The remainder were known either by online handles or were listed as “Doe.” Since the online names included worlds associated with Prince’s music, the individuals were presumably Prince fans. Prince claimed that linking to the bootlegged concert videos caused him financial harm and demanded damages of at least $1 million for each defendant.

This isn’t the first time Prince has wrangled with fans in court. In 2007, he demanded that several fan websites delete all images, lyrics and album covers, alleging copyright infringement, the Guardian notes. The move produced a backlash among fans.

Prince’s given name is Prince Rogers Nelson. During his lengthy career, he has been nominated for 33 Grammy awards and won seven times.

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