Southwest Airlines Adds International Flights

by William White | January 28, 2014 2:37 pm

Southwest Airlines Adds International Flights

Southwest Airlines (LUV[1]), announced on Monday[2], that it will be adding international flights to its routes.

Southwest Southwest Airlines Adds International Flights[3]The international routes will start on July 1 and are currently flown by AirTran Airways, which is owned by Southwest Airlines, but Southwest will start taking over those routes later in the year. These flights will mark the first time that Southwest has ever offered international trips.

“Today’s milestone enables us to reach new territory, new Customers, and build upon a four decade foundation of doing right by the travelers who trust our value and our People,” said Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly in a press release.

Southwest Airlines is also planning to add more international flights from other airports, including Houston and Fort Lauderdale, Fla. However, Southwest said it won’t announce anything official regarding the new flights until 2015 at the soonest, reports[4].

LUV stock was up 3% as of Tuesday afternoon.

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