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Asteroid News: Slooh Space Camera Catches Huge Asteroid Fly by Earth

The asteroid had a diameter of 885 feet


The Slooh space camera in Dubai caught images of a huge asteroid as it passed by the Earth last night.

Source: Planetary Resources

The asteroid, named 2000 EM26, was 885 feet in diameter and passed by Earth at 27,000 mph. Earth was never in danger as the asteroid was 2 million miles from the planet. A live stream of the passing was held on the Slooh space camera’s website, but the images shown didn’t reveal much due to the asteroid’s small appearance against the night sky, reports the Detroit Free Press.

“We continue to discover these potentially hazardous asteroids — sometimes only days before they make their close approaches to Earth,” Paul Cox, Slooh’s technical and research director, told CBS News. “We need to find them before they find us!”

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