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Hello RoboCob, NYC Police Test Google Glass

The headset could be used for "patrol purposes"


Google GlassTechnology fans aren’t the only people interested in Google’s (GOOG) high-tech Google Glass. Police are eyeing the pricey headgear as well.

Sources tell VentureBeat that the New York City Police Department is testing a small number of Google Glass units. The NYPD could deploy Google Glass in its intelligence unit, which monitors suspected terrorists activity.

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Google Glass headsets include wireless connectivity, a camera, microphone and LCD screen, allowing wearers to exchange information, record audio and video, and take photos. The NYPD is examining the suitability of Google Glass for “patrol purposes.”

Police could exploit Google Glass to access law enforcement databases while in the field or to identify individuals using facial recognition technology.

Google is expected to launch the headgear commercially some time later this year. Early adopters can currently obtain Google Glass units for $1,500 by joining Google’s Explorer program.

Some lawmakers and consumer advocates have expressed concerns that the headset’s camera and microphone could imperil privacy.

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