VIRAL PRANK: New Jeff Gordon Pepsi Commercial Tops the Original

by Karl Utermohlen | February 27, 2014 1:47 pm

The new Jeff Gordon Pepsi commercial is another prank video, and this time there’s proof that it’s real.

In the original commercial[1], an incognito Jeff Gordon took a car salesman on a joy ride before revealing himself as the racer. After many internet users called the video fake, Pepsi employees took it upon themselves[2] to prove their doubters wrong.

The company brought in Travis Okulski — a blogger who called shenanigans on the video — and took him on a test drive. The twist was that Jeff Gordon was behind the wheel playing an ex-con and Pepsi set up a car chase between Gordon and a police car with sirens and flickering lights.

Okulski was freaked out by the prank but it served its purpose as he later revealed that the prank was no hoax. Check out the new commercial here[3].

PEP Stock is up 0.9% Thursday.

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