T-Mobile Ticks Off Blackberry CEO, Customers With Apple iPhone Promo

by William White | February 19, 2014 11:10 am

Blackberry’s (BBRY[1]) CEO and customers were angered[2] by a recent T-Mobile (TMUS[3]) ad suggesting that those with Blackberry phones should switch to Apple’s (AAPL[4]) iPhone.

T-Mobile-Blackberry-Apple-iPhone[5]The ad was an email sent to T-Mobile customers that stated that an iPhone5s would be a good choice for Blackberry users. This resulted in both fans of the brand and the company’s CEO John Chen directing angry messages at T-Mobile. The company’s fans took to social media to express their rage over the suggestion and Chen stated in a blog that the ad was “clearly inappropriate and ill-conceived marketing promotion,” reports the Huffington Post.

Here are a few examples[6] of angry Blackberry fans on Twitter (TWTR[7]).

The outrage that followed the iPhone promotion resulted in T-Mobile CEO John Legere releasing a statement that assured Blackberry customers that they didn’t have to abandon their devices or loyalty and that T-Mobile would still support the company, the Huffington post notes.

BBRY stock was down 3% as of Wednesday morning.

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