VHS Arrest: Woman Jailed for Overdue Video Rental

by William White | February 18, 2014 12:10 pm

A woman was arrested on Thursday[1] for not returning a VHS she rented in 2005.

VHS-arrest-Video-Rental[2]The VHS was of the movie Monster-In-Law and was rented from Dalton Videos, which is now out of business. Kayla Michelle Finley was at the sheriff office in Pickens County, South Carolina when the warrant for her arrest came up and she was arrested. The warrant had been filed by the owner of the video store years ago when Finley failed to return the video. Finely spent a night in jail and was released on a $2,000 bond, reports CNN.

A woman claiming to be Finley has responded to harsh criticism on Facebook (FB[3]) over the arrest and claims that she didn’t mean to keep the video. According to the post, Finley had to move because of her husband’s job and forgot to return the video. She also claims that she never received any letters asking for the return of the VHS, CNN notes.

The arrest of Finley has resulted in some Twitter (TWTR[4]) users noting how ridiculous the situation is[5].

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