Airbnb Pays Man $24K to Cover Damages From Sex Party Held in His Apartment

by Christopher Freeburn | March 17, 2014 11:11 am

Airbnb Logo[1]A New York City man who rented his lower Manhattan apartment for the weekend through lodging rental website Airbnb was left with a considerable mess after the renter tried to use the apartment for a sexually-themed party[2].

The owner had agreed to rent the apartment for $300 a night to a man who claimed to be visiting New York City to attend a friend’s wedding. But when the owner returned home just hours after the renter received the keys, he discovered a crowd waiting in front of his building and people moving his furniture around the apartment. To his horror, the owner discovered that the man to whom he’d rented his place was advertising it as the location of a $20-per-attendee sex party via Twitter (TWTR[3]), the Daily News notes.

Airbnb said that “problems” with with renters are “incredibly rare.” Airbnb also said it works “to make things right” when complaints arise.

The apartment owner promptly called the cops an upbraided Airbnb on Twitter for allowing “a disgusting, illegal, dangerous sex ring” into his home. Airbnb said it would pay the owner $23,817 to cover damaged property.

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