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AAPL: 14 Worst-Case Apple Scenarios To Worry Investors

It's not a nightmare scenario, but these concerns are real

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rotten apple 630Apple (AAPL) just had its biggest-ever quarter, with $58 billion in revenues, up 7%. It booked $170 billion in sales last year, up 9%.

Yet people are openly worrying that Apple has lost its way.

Apple has stopped growing in North America. The stock is down 7% from its recent highs (while the rest of the market moved up). Analysts are writing negative reports to their investors. There are doubts about whether Apple will deliver any new products — a watch? a TV? — this year beyond new iterations of the iPhone. And even those will likely be a catch-up models spurred by the success of rival, big-screen phones.

Apple hasn’t launched a truly new product format since founder Steve Jobs was alive, back in 2010. People are questioning whether CEO Tim Cook has the vision to keep Apple on its throne as the most innovative tech company on the planet.

Only fools bet against Apple, of course. We’re not saying that Apple is doomed. That idea is ridiculous: The company has a habit of succeeding where others fail.

But Apple also makes mistakes. This was the company that fired Steve Jobs. This is the company that lost the desktop war to Microsoft’s (MSFT) Windows. And on mobile devices, Apple has only a minority share while Google’s (GOOG) Android has become the phone for the masses.

So it’s worth asking, what would happen to Apple if everything that can go wrong, does go wrong?

Here’s a list of the worst-case scenarios:

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