DISH, DTV: Dish Network, DirecTV Surge on Merger Rumors

by Karl Utermohlen | March 27, 2014 1:48 pm

Dish Network (DISH[1]) and DirecTV (DTV[2]) saw their stocks go up after rumors of a potential merger between the two companies came to light.

dish[3]DISH stock jumped 6.3% at the close of trading yesterday[4] while DTV rose 5.7%. The first company allegedly approached DirecTV to talk about a possible merger that would create the second largest pay-TV provider in the U.S.

The merger would help create a TV juggernaut capable of competing with Comcast (CMCSA[5]) which will have 35 million subscribers once it merges with Time Warner Cable (TWC[6]).

Although the news helped the stock of both companies, DISH is down about 0.7% Thursday. DTV stock is down close to 3% today.

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