Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Missing Plane Update

This is what officials know so far ...


The Boeing (BA) plane from Malaysia Airlines flight 370, which was carrying 239 people, is still missing.

boeing777 Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Missing Plane UpdateHere is what officials know about the Malaysia Airlines plane that went missing on Saturday, as listed by The Huntsville Times.

  • Oil slicks previously though to be from the plane aren’t of aviation fuel.
  • Two of the missing plane’s passengers were using stolen passports.
  • Five people with tickets for the flight never boarded.
  • 10 countries are currently involved in the search.
  • There were no reports of bad weather when the plane went missing.
  • Officials have yet to discover any debris from the missing plane.
  • Officials speculate that the plane may have disintegrated at 35,000 feet.

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