Man Sues Las Vegas Casino Over $500K Drunk Gambling Loss

by Christopher Freeburn | March 7, 2014 12:01 pm

The Downtown Grand casino in Las Vegas is facing a lawsuit from a  California man who claims he lost a ton of money while gambling during an alcohol-induced blackout[1].

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Mark Johnston says the Las Vegas casino provided him with a steady stream of alcoholic drinks while he was there. As he continued to drink and gamble, the Las Vegas casino lent him more money. Johnson ultimately gambled away $500,000 during a 17-hour gambling spree during Super Bowl weekend. His losses were worsened by credit extended by the Las Vegas casino, the Los Angeles Times notes.

In his suit, Johnston says he had consumed seven alcoholic drinks prior to dinner and has no recollection of the gambling that occurred afterward. While he was gambling at the Las Vegas casino, Johnston claims he downed at least 20 more drinks.

Johnston isn’t the first gambler to accuse a Las Vegas casino of supplying too much alcohol during a gambling run. Two similar lawsuits against casinos in the city were settled without terms being disclosed.

Casinos in Las Vegas must comply with Nevada law that prohibits them from allowing clearly-drunk gamblers from continuing to wager.

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