PHOTO: Wing Panel Flies Off During Delta Flight

by Christopher Freeburn | March 17, 2014 12:48 pm

It’s exactly what you don’t want to see when looking out an airplane window[1].

delta wing twitter[2]
Source: Twitter/Daily Mail[3]

On Sunday, a passenger on a Delta Airlines (DAL) flight between Orlando and Atlanta spotted a missing panel on the Boeing (BA) 757’s wing. The panel’s absence left internal wiring and equipment exposed. When passengers notified the plane’s crew, the 757 made an emergency landing. No one was injured in the incident, the Daily Mail notes.

Of course, pictures of the wing were quickly posted on Twitter (TWTR[4]).

The Boeing 757 was carrying 179 passengers and a crew of six. Exactly why the panel fell off the Delta plane remains under investigation.

Delta said that the plane’s crew had responded properly to the incident, declaring an emergency and alerting air traffic control. Delta noted that the absence of the panel did not constitute a threat to the plane.

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