PlayStation 4 Will Be in Short Supply Until Summer

by William White | March 21, 2014 12:26 pm

Sony (SNE[1]) is having trouble[2] keeping PlayStation 4s on store shelves.

playstation-4-sne-stock-ps4[3]The PlayStation 4, which was released in November, has sold over 6 million units. Sony says that sales for the console in every area it’s available in are great and that it’s struggling to keep with with demand, The Wall Street Journal notes.

Sony’s head of the PlayStation division, Andrew House, told WSJ that the company won’t be able to keep steady supplies of the PlayStation 4 until early summer at the soonest.

Retailers are also having a hard time keeping supplies of the PlayStation Camera. The PlayStation 4’s camera surpassed sales expectations largely due to the popularity of Twitch. Twitch is a broadcast service that allows players to live stream video of them playing games online. Sony didn’t take into account for Twitch when releasing camera, GameZone[4] notes.

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