AMZN: First Amazon Smartphone to Include Hologram-Like Effects

by William White | April 15, 2014 10:13 am

Amazon (AMZN[1]) is preparing to launch a smartphone later this year[2] that will include hologram-like effects.

amzn-amazon-smartphone-hologram[3]The new Amazon smartphone will include four front-facing cameras that will be equipped with retina tracking technology. These camera will work with a special screen to create images that appear in 3-D, like a hologram. The new smartphone is expected to be revealed in June and released in late September, The Wall Street Journal notes.

While news of a 3-D Amazon smartphone is welcome, little is known about some of the finer details of the device. For example, the operating system, wireless carriers, design and pricing of the smartphone is currently unknown. What is known is that the smartphone’s software has been optimized for games, reports WSJ.

Rumors that Amazon has been developing a smartphone have been around since 2010. Rumors of the smartphone in 2012 claimed that Amazon was working with Foxconn to develop the smartphone. In 2013, reports that the new Amazon smartphone would be 3-D started being made, FierceWireless[4] notes.

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