Frontier Airlines Cutting Fares, Charging for Extras

Assigned seats, carry-on luggage and legroom will cost more


Passengers on Frontier Airlines flights won’t have to pay as much for the tickets … but they will have to pay to virtually everything else.

FrontierAirlines Frontier Airlines Cutting Fares, Charging for ExtrasFrontier Airlines will add fees for storing bags in overhead bins. Fees will range between $20 and $50, in addition to a $15 to $25 charge for the first checked bag. While Frontier Airlines is boosting fees, it says that it will cut the price of its base fare by an average of 12%, the Associated Press notes.

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Assigned seats will now cost up to $8 if chosen at check-in. Passengers looking for “select” select seats in the forward part of the plane will have to pay between $5 and $15. “Stretch” seats will cost a fee of up to $50.

Water and sodas already cost $1.99 on Frontier Airlines flights. Frontier Airlines is owned by investment firm Indigo Partners.

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