GOOG: Google Will Stop Scanning G-Mail Accounts of Students

by Christopher Freeburn | April 30, 2014 10:04 am

On Wednesday, Google (GOOG[1]) announced that it Gmail accounts offered through Google Apps for Education will no longer subject to advertising scans[2].

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Google has come under criticism for the practice, which involves using software to scan the contents of Gmail looking for words and phrases that can be used to target users for online advertising. More than 30 million students use Google Apps for Education. In addition to not scanning student Gmail accounts, GOOG also said it would refrain from compiling advertising-related data on students who use the Google Apps for Education. the Wall Street Journal notes.

Though the apps themselves were ad-free, Gmail accounts created through the GOOG apps were scanned. Google has been hit with litigation over its Gmail scanning practices, which opponents call a breach of personal privacy.

GOOG stock fell modestly in Wednesday morning trading.

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