Hey Prom Goers, KFC Chicken Corsage Is No Joke

You can buy one of these corsages for $20


Yum! Brands (YUM) is making sure you don’t get hungry during prom with these revolutionary KFC chicken corsages.

KFC Logo 300x258 Hey Prom Goers, KFC Chicken Corsage Is No JokeThe idea of wearing a bouquet of flowers on your wrist with a piece of chicken attached to it may sound like a joke but it’s real. The concept of a chicken corsage is ludicrous and it might make your date hate you but it’ll keep them fed.

The KFC chicken corsage is available online on the restaurant’s official website for $20 plus shipping. Upon ordering it, a florist will ship you your corsage along with a $5 KFC gift check to help you customize your corsage with your favorite piece of grilled or fried chicken.

YUM stock is up about 1% Monday.

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