Prom 2014 Spending Falls 14%

by William White | April 9, 2014 12:47 pm

Data from a new survey[1] released by Visa (V[2]) shows that the average American family with a teenager won’t be spending as much on prom 2014.

prom-spending-prom-2014[3]According to the data from the survey, parents plan to spend 14% less on prom 2014 than what they did in 2013. This will have the average American household spending $978 on the high school dance. The $978 includes the costs of attire, a limousine rental, tickets, and dinner.

Here is how much American families will spend on prom 2014 based on location.

Data from the survey was collected from 4,000 telephone interviews that were conducted in January and February.

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