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2014 NFL Draft Picks: 3 Biggest First Round Surprises

Blake, Marqise and Johnny are getting the buzz


The 2014 NFL draft picks are in for the first round — and though there weren’t as many trades as many thought (just 5), there were other unexpected happenings.

NFL185Here are the three biggest first-round draft surprised.

#3: Blake Bortles First QB Grab

Who could have seen this coming? Well, to be fair, there were many who did, but few who put Bortles with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Snagged as pick No. 3 by the Jaguars, Black Bortles comes out of the draft with a mountain of potential. At the same time, he’ll begin as many fear he’s too green to start — with many putting more hope on his solid offensive line.

#2: Where is Lee At?

Marqise Lee appeared on every mock draft, but when time came for teams to make their selections, Lee was not on anyone’s wish list. Well, on their immediate wish list that is. Look to today’s picks to see which team lands him. It’ll be an even bigger surprise if he’s passed over again.

#1: Manziel Goes to Cleveland

Everybody’s favorite watercooler question: Where would Johnny go? When Jacksonville, Oakland, Tampa Bay, Minnesota and even Cleveland pick others, some quickly began speculating (and Tweeting!) that Manzel would be snagged by Dallas. But the Cowboys passed and the Browns traded to land Manziel — a story that launched 1,000 Tweets. Now let’s see how it goes with Brian Hoyer, the supposed starter in Cleveland who is returning after an injury.

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