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Not Many Are ‘Happy’ Over McDonald’s New Mascot

The new mascot is getting destroyed by social media


McDonald’s (MCD) has introduced a new mascot in an effort to get kids excited for happy meals.

The new mascot, simply named Happy, isn’t much more than a happy meal box with eyes, a mouth and limbs slapped on it. Happy looks like something McDonald’s would post as a joke on April 1.

This new mascot will start appearing at McDonald’s locations across the United States on May 23. The fast-food chain claims that Happy will work to promote healthy eating habits in children. Happy started out as a mascot in France in 2009 and later moved to other parts of Europe and Latin America.

Twitter (TWTR) has not taken kindly to the new McDonald’s mascot.

  • What the fuck is that creature?”
  • That is not right with God.”
  • “Might want to go back to the drawing board, I think I’m going to have nightmares.”
  • I didn’t want to sleep tonight anyways, it’s cool.”
  • Please tell me an unpaid intern designed this, because otherwise, there’s no excuse.”
  • Someone stuck a mouth on the box. How many years was this in development?”

MCD shares were down slightly as of Tuesday morning.

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