AMA Officially Designates Cheerleading as a Sport

The change will bring both good and bad to cheerleading


AMA Officially Designates Cheerleading as a Sport

The American Medical Association (AMA)  has officially designated cheerleading as a sport.

cheerleader huddle 630 AMA Officially Designates Cheerleading as a Sport
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According to the AMA, cheerleading deserves to be a sport because of its intense physical requirements. The group says that those participating in the sport should have just as much protection and guidelines as other sports, reports the Associated Press.

This change could mean that more rules and regulations will be added to cheerleading. This could include coaches needing more training, only performing in safe environments and having suitable safety standards for tricks and stunts that are performed, the Associated Press notes.

While many positives will come from the AMA decalring cheerleading as a sport, there will also be negatives. One such negative is that this change will affect how the groups gets their funding. Declaring cheerleading as a sport means that it will have to fight for a fair share of the limited budget that most schools’ athletic departments have, reports MedPage Today.

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