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Artificial Intelligence: What Is a Turing Test?

A computer passed the Turing test for the first time ever


News of a computer passing the Turing Test for the first time ever has lead some people to believe that machines will rule us all sometime in the near future.

Turing Test
Source: Wikipedia

A Turing Test is a way of measuring how intelligent a computer really is and whether or not it is able to mimic the way humans think. The test was designed by Alan Turin in 1950 and it essentially consists of seeing whether or not a machine can fool a person into believing that the machine is human.

A Russian-made chatbot finally passed the Turing Test which means that the program managed to fool at least 30% of the test’s participants. The test’s subjects sat in front of a computer and chatted with several humans as well as the chatbot with the purpose of trying to determine which one was not human.

The chatbot disguised itself as a 13-year-old Ukrainian boy named Eugene Goostman and the program managed to fool 33% of the test’s participants.

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