Running of the Bulls 2014: One Gored in Pamplona

Four Spaniards were taken to the hospital this year


The Running of the Bulls 2014 edition was not without drama as at least four people were injured on Monday.

Running of the Bulls 2014
Source: Wikipedia

A statement from Navarra regional government confirmed that all four runners were Spaniards and one of them was gored in the thigh. The brave people who were injured were taken to a city hospital at about 8 a.m. Monday.

The dangerous event consists of running in front of a group of vicious bulls in the streets of Pamplona. The practice has been adopted in other countries but it originated in Pamplona, Spain.

Running of the Bulls 2014 was no different from past versions of the event as several people are injured every year. The bulls that run in Pamplona are usually killed by matadors in bull fights and the bulls’ meat is served in the city’s restaurants.

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