Sprint Customers Turn to Twitter to Add Strangers to Their ‘Framily’

by William White | July 29, 2014 2:07 pm

Looking to extend your Sprint (S[1]) “Framily”? Twitter (TWTR[2]) may be the solution[3] you’re looking for.

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Sprint’s Framily plan allows customers to join up to reduce the price of cellphone bills. The service isn’t limited to relatives and anyone is allowed to join. This has caused some people to start searching Twitter and other social media websites for Framily, reports Washington Post.

When asked about the practice of recruiting random people from Twitter into a Framily plan, Sprint said it didn’t mind. The company said that it doesn’t care how people build their Framily, so long as it isn’t illegal, Washington Post notes.

Here are a few Tweets[5] from Framily seekers.

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