Forbes: The Most Influential CMOs on Twitter (TWTR)

by William White | July 9, 2014 2:53 pm

Forbes[1] has released its list of the most influential CMOs on Twitter (TWTR[2]).

twtr-twitter-ge-sap-v-goog-yhoo-crm-dell-ely[3]Forbes looked at how CMOs engaged with others Twitter users when making this list. The results are based on a what’s called a PI score. This score rates Twitter users based on activity score, audience score and authority score.

Here are the top 10 most influential CMO’s from that list.

  1. General Electric’s (GE[4]) Beth Comstock.
  2. SAP’s (SAP[5]) Jonathan Becher.
  3. Mashable’s Stacy Martinet.
  4. Visa’s (V[6]) Antonio J Lucio.
  5. Google’s (GOOG[7]) Nikesh Arora.
  6. Yahoo’s (YHOO[8]) Kathy Savitt.
  7. Salesforce’s (CRM[9]) Marcel LeBrun.
  8. Harvard Business School’s Brian Kenny.
  9. Dell’s (DELL[10]) Karen Quintos.
  10. Callaway Golf’s (ELY[11]) Harry Arnett.

To see more of the most influential CMOs on Twitter, click here[12].

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