Macy’s to Pay $650,000 for Treating Minority Shoppers Unfairly

The retailer received complaints from minority shoppers


Macy’s to Pay $650,000 for Treating Minority Shoppers Unfairly

Macy’s (M) is paying a hefty sum to settle racial profiling complaints.

MacysLogo e1297955793746 Macys to Pay $650,000 for Treating Minority Shoppers UnfairlyThe retailer is paying $650,000 to a number of minority shoppers that filed complaints regarding the way the company treats these shoppers. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman opened an investigation on Macy’s on February 2013 after learning of the issue.

His findings showed that the retailer detained minorities and accused them of shoplifting at a much higher rate than white customers. Macy’s did not admit or deny any wrongdoing.

The company said that it will take measures over the next three years to avoid racial profiling in the future by improving its employee anti-profiling training. Macy’s will also hire an anti-discrimination expert who will report to Schneiderman on a regular basis.

M stock is up about 2.5% Wednesday afternoon.

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