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7 Best Stocks to Buy for a Donald Trump Green Light

If President Trump is able to push his agenda forward, these are the best stocks to capitalize on his policies

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Trump, Trump, Trump … he’s all the rage on Wall Street. He’s also all the rage among pundits like me, as we attempt to identify the best stocks to buy for a Donald Trump “green light.”

The term green light here is often used in my hometown of Hollywood, where film studios give projects the green light to get made. For President Donald Trump, his epic film project (I suspect he’d want it to be a biopic) is one replete with the passage of every component of the Trump agenda.

That means a nationwide green light on massive infrastructure spending, including building a “yuge” wall on the Mexican border. It also means massive regulatory rollbacks in the energy sector, and in particularly in the banking sector via Dodd-Frank reform. Then there’s the societal albatross that is Obamacare — the president and Republicans in Congress want to slice through most of this federal leviathan’s tentacles.

Perhaps the most important part of the Trump agenda — one that I think could be a game-changer — is tax reform, and particularly corporate tax reform.

If Donald Trump gets the green light on infrastructure, regulatory reform and Obamacare, a lot of stocks will be big winners. If Trump gets the green light on tax reform, not only do a lot of stocks win … every American wins.

Here, then, are the seven best stocks to buy for a Donald Trump green light.

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