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REITs like these provide dividends to fund your retirement cash flow needs

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Live Off Dividends Forever With This “Ultimate” Retirement Portfolio

Capital gains and big, sustainable yields are the cornerstones of the kind of retirement portfolio that will keep you living comfortably for decades after you retire. That’s because the key to a successful retirement isn’t just being able to live off dividends – it’s growing your nest egg at the same time, providing you with an essential backstop for whenever life throws you a curveball.

But your retirement account needs to yield a bit more than what a couple of these plays offer. Specifically, you need to target the 8% yield of my “No Withdrawal” retirement portfolio!

Why 8%?

Think about the recommendations you typically see from stock-picking pundits.

They tell you to put your faith in blue chips like Procter & Gamble Co (NYSE:PG) or The Coca-Cola Co (NYSE:KO)– companies that typically yield 3%, maybe 4% if you’re lucky. But the math doesn’t work! If you earn 3% to 4% returns on a nest egg of half a million dollars, you’ll only generate $20,000 in annual income from dividends – at the high end!

You didn’t work so hard in life to retire with so little to show for it.

My “No Withdrawal” portfolio ensures that you won’t have to settle during the most important years of your life. I’ve put together an all-star portfolio that allows you to collect an 8% yield, while growing your nest egg – a critical aspect of retirement investing that most other strategies leave out.

I’ve spent most of the past few months digging into the high-dividend world, and it’s harrowing to think about how many potential yield traps and retirement killers I’ve come across. However, the hard work has paid off, and I’ve been able to compile an “ultimate” dividend portfolio that provides you with …

  • No-doubt dividends that yield more than 8% on average
  • The potential for 7% to 15% in annual capital gains
  • Robust dividend growth that will keep up with (and beat!) inflation

These picks include the crème de la crème of several high-income assets, from preferred stocks to REITs to closed-end funds and more. That means crucial diversification that can weather any sort of economic storm.

Don’t scrape by on meager blue-chip returns and Social Security checks, wondering whether your retirement income will be enough to pay the bills. You’ve worked too hard to settle when it matters most. Instead, collect big, dependable dividend checks that will let you see the world and live in comfort for the rest of your post-career life.

Let me show you the path to the retirement you deserve. Click here and I’ll provide you with THREE special reports that show you how to build this “No Withdrawal” portfolio. You’ll get the names, tickers, buy prices and full analysis of their wealth-building potential – and it’s absolutely FREE!

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