24/7 Trader article Archive

Play Europe’s Recovery Safely with UBS

As Europe begins to emerge from its financial crisis, it presents an opportunity for income investors.

When you have developed economies starting to find their footing, it shows a broader recovery is on track and, with covered calls, investors can still safely generate returns while protecting themselves. More 

Michael Kors (KORS): a Steady Stock in Fickle Fashion

KORS is still a relatively new stock, but it hasn't gone out of style.

With the recent pullback, KORS calls are undervalued, presenting a great opportunity to profit from this surprisingly steady fashion stock. More 

Splash into the Wet Seal (WTSL) Trade

Try on this trendy trade for 15%-20% upside by yearend

Fashion is fickle, but Wet Seal seems to have a good read on teen trends--and traders could benefit by going long in this summer selloff. More 

Trade of the Day: Lorillard (LO)

3 ways to trade Lorillard: buy-and-hold, swing trade or options

As the tobacco business becomes harder and harder to succeed in, this company has the advantage of being first-to-market with its “blu” e-cigarette. More 

3 Ways to Find the Bottom of the Dip

If there was a magic formula to confirming a dip, we'd be billionaires--but these 3 factors can help confirm

Several factors can help you figure out whether you're truly buying the bottom--unfortunately, the signals are conflicting right now. More 

Time to Jump on Exxon Mobil (XOM) for a Quick Ride?

Concerns in the Middle East should also bump up energy stocks

As Exxon reaches a bottom, short sellers should jump in to close their positions--which could lead to about 5% upside from current levels. More 

Bull’s Eye Report: Gilead Sciences (GILD)

GILD looks the best in the biotech space today

Despite its recent runup, Gilead Sciences (GILD) shows room for immediate upside. More