24/7 Trader video Archive

How to Trade McDonald’s (MCD) Breakout Fakeout

MCD's chart has some recognizable reference points we can work with

McDonald's (MCD) is showing a familiar trading pattern--find out how you can take advantage. More 

Qualcomm (QCOM) at Multi-Month Resistance Area

Waiting for QCOM to close above $67.50 for a move higher

QCOM has rallied since August 1 despite overall market weakness, and pending a break above $67.50 resistance, it should move even higher. More 

Lower Lows in Home Depot (HD)

There's still room to give bulls benefit of the doubt, but many signs point to a reversal

Home Depot (HD) stock is getting closer and closer to the 100-day moving average, a significant source of support in the past. More 

Shortlist Amazon (AMZN) and CME Group (CME) for Short Setups

AMZN and CME are showing similar setups to the S&P

The S&P is showing a curious trend--it has not yet created a lower low to its higher highs. So pickings are slim for shorts, but AMZN and CME are the two you should keep on your watch list. More 

What’s the Fed’s Next Move?

Investors are clamoring to get in front of the Fed's actions.

Wade Hansen reviews the tapering situation and some possible scenarios. More 

Plenty of Long and Short Setups – the Market Just Needs to Move

Even Apple (AAPL) is getting some love from the market, but the charts remain hazy about what's ahead.

I review a few potential hot spots for bullish trades but bearish plays could just as easily be the best way to trade this market. More 

It’s Not Just About the Fed

Fed meeting minutes impact the market, but traders should be careful not to fall prey to U.S.-centric tunnel vision.

Investors are watching more than just the U.S. monetary policy. More