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What Goes Up Must Come Down

Chasing the tail end of the rally is likely not a good idea

Technicals support additional upside ahead...but should you take a swing at further profits? More 

Options 101: Time Decay

Wondering which options expiration month to buy? Watch this video

Wondering which options expiration month to buy? Here's an explanation of how the time value waterfall depreciates options value. More 

Downgrades Vs. Earnings Estimates

Does a downgrade to "hold" really mean to hold?

Downgrades and changes to earnings estimates can dramatically impact a stock's price. More 

Stocks Should Get an Earnings Boost

At first glance, lowered earnings estimates this season might seem like a negative but learn why that's likely not the case this quarter.

Learn why we expect stocks to perform well this earnings season overall. More 

Upside in Utilities

This dividend favorite is offering a short-term opportunity for traders.

DUK has found solid support, and in this video I give you my target for this inverse head and shoulders play. More 

Is This Stock Ready to Run?

This stock went on an 11-day tear recently; is it getting ready to do it again?

While technical analysis can't identify the catalyst behind a stock's move, MSM reports earnings Wednesday, July 10. More 

Broker Basics

Your broker can a make a big difference in the success of your trading.

There's no one-size-fits-all broker, but in this video we give you a few things you need to consider when deciding which firm to do your trading with. More