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Determining Which Options Strike Price is Best

Many factors go into determining which strike price is the best for your trade, and we give your methodology.

In this video we walk you through how we determine which strike price is best. More 

A Defensive Name You May Not Have Considered

After earnings that were solid, but disappointed ever so slightly, you can pick this name up on a discount.

This defensive stock that doesn't get as much fanfare as Altria (MO) or Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) but could keep your spirits high in a downturn. More 

Can GOOG Continue to Climb?

Google reports earnings July 18.

GOOG has formed a tightening pattern, so I give you the levels I'm watching to determine its next move. More 

Market Not Out of the Woods Yet

Are there bullish signs of life in this market, or should the bulls take cover?

Wade Hansen looks at the S&P 500's downtrending support and resistance levels to watch for clues to the market's next direction. More 

Stocks Screaming Buy, But …

Yes, stock charts are screaming "buy," but there are other factors that you shouldn't ignore.

While I'm seeing more buy signals for stocks than I have ever before, there are some serious signs of weakness throughout global markets and other asset classes like bonds and currencies. More 

I’ve Never Seen this Before

Despite the evidence that global markets are crumbling, the U.S. market remains bullish.

I'm seeing something that trumps any argument for a bear case. More 

Set Your Options Targets Correctly

It's important to understand all of the factors that go into option pricing

How we arrive at an option's target may surprise you, and one of the "Greeks" may become more important as the Fed shifts gears. More