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Shortage of Cancer Drugs Jeopardizes Development of New Treatments

Existing products often are used in new drugs' clinical trials, meaning a cramp in supply can result in delays of even years for new treatments. Read Article

Express Scripts-Medco Merger Still Looks Like a Go

Consumer groups and Big Pharma don’t like it, but the FTC still is likely to OK the Medco-Express Scripts merger. Read Article

New CEO Tasked with Getting Hospira Back on Track

Priorities for Hospira's new CEO include fixing manufacturing problems, launching biosimilars in the U.S. Read Article

Fair or Not, Patent Overhaul Bill Looks Like a Win for Big Pharma

'First-inventor-to-file' system is a victory for Big Pharma and its investors, but a crushing blow to small companies. Read Article

Glaxo Alters R&D Process to Ensure Survival in Changing Pharma Industry

GSK has created a "dragon" culture in its R&D process. Here's what it is and why analysts like the Glaxo approach. Read Article

AstraZeneca Rolls the Dice on Cholesterol Drug and Comes Up Short

Once the patent for Pfizer's popular Lipitor runs out, cheap knockoffs could start eating away at Crestor sales Read Article

Johnson & Johnson a Safe Play for Income

JNJ's financials are solid, and the company is making strides toward getting 11 new drugs approved by the end of 2015. Read Article

In Event of Bird Flu Pandemic, Vaccine Producers Likeliest to Prosper

A mutant strain of H5N1 could be spreading in Asia, meaning vaccine heavyweights might be going back to the drawing board. Read Article

Insider Bets Big That Seattle Genetics Cancer Drug Can Buck Dendreon Effect

Similar drugs in Adcetris' high price range also faring well, which is cause for optimism, but SGEN's lack of other drugs near the end of the pipeline should make investors wary. Read Article

Share Prices of Bristol-Myers, Pfizer Could Jump on Positive Blood-Thinner Study Data

Rush to replace warfarin is a big opportunity for the drug industry, and this pair of pharmaceuticals could use the help. Read Article

More Tightly Focused Biogen Appears to Have Greater Upside

With many of its drugs in Phase III clinical trials, including a promising treatment for MS, Biogen has upside potential. Read Article

4 Simple Ways to Breathe Easier This Winter

Cold weather can be difficult for people who suffer from respiratory problems such as chronic shortness of breath. Peak Health Advocate offers breathing tips. Read Article

Drug-Free Relief for Arthritis Sufferers

Tai chi exercise shown to improve physical and mental health of those suffering from rheumatic disorders osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. Read Article

Losing Weight May be as Simple as Dimming the Lights

Study shows sustained exposure to bright light sources in the evening can lead to significant weight gain. Read Article

5 Reasons Skipping Breakfast is a Bad Idea

Studies show eating breakfast can help to ward off chronic health condition and improve body weight, boost energy and heighten mental acuity. Read Article

What Delicious, Easy-to-Eat Fruit Actually Helps Keep the Doctor Away?

New study reveals antioxidant rich gold kiwi fruit is effective in decreasing oxidative stress and prevention of disease by excessive oxidation. Read Article

A Little ‘Eccentric’ Exercise Can Go a Long Way

New study reveals 30 minutes of eccentric exercise a week provides comparable health benefits to three to five 60-minute aerobic/strength training sessions a week. Read Article

Arterial Stiffness – A Silent Killer You Can Disarm

Arterial stiffness is one of the main causes of circulatory system-related deaths such as heart attacks and strokes. Research shows exercise is the most important lifestyle change a person can make to reduce arterial stiffness. Read Article

What to Do if You Can’t Stop Smoking

A number of studies published demonstrate health benefits from exercise even if you can't stop smoking. Read Article