Friday Apple Rumors: iPhone 6 May Have NFC Capabilities

Friday's Apple rumors include an iPhone 6 assembled from leaked parts, possible NFC technology in the iPhone 6 and an iWatch delay rumor. Read More

Twitter News: TWTR Debuts Tweet Activity Dashboard for All Users

All Twitter users are now able to use the website's Tweet Activity Dashboard, which allows them to monitor engagement with Tweets. Read More

What Are ‘Google Dorks?’ What Is ‘Google Dorking?’

The FBI is warning people about Google Dorks that can find information that was never meant to be seen online, but what are they. Read More

GOOG, AMZN: Google Joins Amazon in Drone Delivery Tests

Google, announced on Thursday, that it's working on a drone-delivery system that differs from Amazon's drone-delivery plans. Read More

Thursday Apple Rumors: Apple Files Patent for Wireless Charging

Thursday's Apple rumors include details and teasers for Apple upcoming September 9 event and a patent for wireless charging. Read More

5 Things to Know About Google Drive

Google Drive is the tech company's take on a cloud-storage service, but there are many features that some users may not be using. Read More

Facebook Messenger: FB Tells Users to ‘Get the Facts’

Facebook is telling users to 'get the facts' about its Messenger app following concerns of how it uses a device's camera and microphone. Read More

AMZN’s Zocalo: 5 Things to Know About the Amazon File-Sharing Service

Amazon has is making Zocalo, its file-sharing and storage service, available to everyone and users will be able to share any type of file. Read More

Can Shomi Kill Netflix (NFLX)?

Shomi is a joint venture between Rogers and Shaw that's designed to dethrone Netflix (NFLX) as the top video streaming service in Canada. Read More

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple May Release a 12.9-Inch iPad

Wednesday's Apple rumors include a bump up in the iWatch's reveal, a 12.9-inch version of the iPad and a thinner MacBook. Read More

3D Printing News: Man Creates Backyard Castle With 3D Printer

A man just used 3D printing technology to create a castle. The man wants to print a two-story home eventually. Read More

New Apple iPad: Bigger is Better (for Professionals)

In a bid for AAPL is to regain tablet marketshare, the company is expected to release a new Apple iPad with a 12.9-inch display in 2015. Read More

Instagram Releases Hyperlapse: 5 Things to Know About the Free App

Facebook-owned Instagram has released a new app called Hyerlapse that allows users to create professional looking time-lapse videos. Read More

Facebook News: Mom’s Private FB Post Gets Preschooler Expelled

A four-year-old boy was expelled from a private Christian preschool following an upset post his mother made to Facebook. Read More

Knee Defender Gadget Sales Soar After Airplane Legroom Fight

Knee Defenders have been selling like hotcakes following an altercation between two passengers in a United flight. Read More

AAPL News: Showtime Anytime Channel Launches on Apple TV

Showtime Anytime, which allows users to watch streams of movies and TV series from the premium channel, has been added to Apple TV. Read More

FB Stock: Why Facebook Suddenly Cares About Crappy Clickbait

Facebook's fight against clickbait may not seem relevant to investors, but it's actually a good thing for FB stock long-term. Here's why. Read More

Apple iWatch Competition: AAPL’s Biggest Smartwatch Competitors

As we continue to wait for its official announcement, the Apple iWatch is facing an increasingly crowded filed of smartwatch competitors. Read More

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Images Show Possible iPhone 6 Speaker Assembly

Tuesday's Apple rumors include possible images of an iPhone 6 speaker assembly, added channels to Apple TV and a guide to iPhone trade-ins. Read More

Google Images Bug: Results Replaced With Russian Car Crash Photo

Many users trying to do a Google Image search on Tuesday morning reported seeing repeating images of a Russian car crash. Read More