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Monday Apple Rumors: iTunes Users Can Now Delete U2 Album

Monday's Apple rumors include a tool to delete U2's album, potential specs of the A8 and employees being able to reserve the iPhone 6. Read Article

6 Things to Know About the Google Android One

Google has launched the Android One, its first low-cost smartphone, in India and it will be coming to other emerging market in 2014. Read Article

Amazon News: AMZN to Shut Down Free P2P Service

Amazon is shutting down its WebPay service, which offers peer-to-peer services, on October 13, 2014 and isn't offering an alternative. Read Article

Sprint iPhone 6 Deal Is Boosting S Stock

Sprint iPhone 6 deal using launch frenzy and “iPhone for Life” plan to fight back against T-Mobile and grab for Verizon and AT&T customers Read Article

AT&T Plans Wi-Fi Calling: 3 Things to Know

AT&T (T) has announced plans to roll out Wi-Fi calling in the future. Here's what you should know about it. Read Article

Friday Apple Rumors: Apple May Release iMac with 5K Display This Fall

Friday's Apple rumors include the possible release of a new iMac this fall, more senors in later versions of the Apple Watch and more. Read Article

Verizon May Roll Out Netflix-Like Service in 2015

Verizon may be planning to take on Netflix with its own streaming service in 2015 that would include live streams of content. Read Article

Facebook Tries to Lure Top YouTube Talent to FB Video

Facebook is attempting to lure some of the top YouTube content creators, including 'The Annoying Orange' creators, to FB Video. Read Article

The Apple (AAPL) iPad Roller Coaster Ride Continues

The Apple iPad remains on an up-and-down ride with no end in sight. Read Article

The 5 Coolest Smart Gadgets

Our coolest smart gadgets list includes a grill that charges your smartphone and an anti-router for protection from drones and Google Glass. Read Article

Think Apple’s the King of Tablets? Not So Fast.

The iPad is a hot seller, to be sure -- but it's not top dog everywhere. Apple is losing market share in the Middle East and Africa. Read Article

Thursday Apple Rumors: iPhone 6, Plus May Be Delayed in China

Thursday's Apple rumors include a possible delay of the iPhone 6 in China, new ways to use Liquidmetal and Apple Watch payment security. Read Article

T-Mobile to Provide In-Home Wi-Fi Hotspots for Free

T-Mobile, announced on Wednesday, that it's bringing several new features, including free Personal CellSpots, to users of its service. Read Article

Facebook News: FB to Test Self-Destructing Posts

Facebook is testing a new feature in New Zealand that allows users to set posts to self-destruct after a certain amount of time. Read Article

Minecraft – Not MSFT Rocket Fuel, But a Smart Deal Nonetheless

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is trying to further entrench the software giant as a gaming powerhouse with his purchase of Minecraft maker Mojang. Read Article

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple May Be Ready to Buy Path

Wednesday's Apple rumors include short Watch battery life, users getting iOS 8 early and a possible deal between Apple and Path. Read Article

Google Hangouts Adds Free Voice Calls, More Functionality

Google Hangouts is now integrating a feature that will allow you to make phone calls from your mobile device for free. Read Article

Apple Pay Is the Secret Star in the New Lineup

The iPhone 6 and Apple watch are nice and all, but the real gem is Apple's new mobile wallet technology. Apple Pay could be a gamechanger. Read Article

BlackBerry (BBRY) Passport Sets Its Sights on the Apple (AAPL) iPhone 6

Does the BlackBerry Passport stand any chance against the new iPhone 6? Read Article

Google Investigating Leak of 5M Gmail Passwords

Google is investing a leak that could have put close to 5 million Gmail users' passwords and usernames online via a Russian forum. Read Article