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Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple Buys Oregon Hydroelectric Project

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King, Tencent Deal Will Bring Candy Crush to China

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#TeamCotton: White Google Glass Sells Out in One-Day Sale

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The April Xbox One Update Is Finally Here

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Tuesday Apple Rumors: LG to Be Sole Display Supplier for iWatch

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TWTR: Twitter Buys Long-Time Data Partner Gnip

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AMZN: First Amazon Smartphone to Include Hologram-Like Effects

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5 Things to Expect From an Amazon Smartphone

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GOOG: Google Buys Solar-Powered Drones Maker Titan Aerospace

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MSFT Is Still Making Millions From Microsoft Windows XP

Even though Microsoft stopped selling Microsoft Windows XP PCs back in 2010, the company will make millions on the 12-year-old version of Windows this year. Read More

Monday Apple Rumors: Apple Wants to Charge $100 More for iPhone 6

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Google Glass Available to All: 1 Day Only, April 15

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Sony Vaio Laptop Recall: Battery Poses Fire, Burn Risk

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