Carousel: Dropbox Launches New Photo-Sharing App

Dropbox has launched a new photo-sharing app called Carousel that allows you to save every photo you have ever taken forever. Read More

Trip Around the World Planned in Solar-Powered Airplane

A solar-powered airplane called Solar Impulse 2 will fly around the world next year in 20 days, spread out over several months. Read More

3 Reasons Why AAPL Will Launch TWO New iPhone 6s

A new iPhone is critical to AAPL, but the iPhone 6 is especially important ... so much so that Apple might release two new iPhones to get it right. Read More

Borderlands Pre-Sequel Is NOT Coming to Xbox One or PlayStation 4

The Borderlands pre-sequel has been confirmed. However, many fans are upset that the game will not be released for Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Read More

Wednesday Apple Rumors: 4.7-Inch iPhone to Launch Ahead of Larger Model

Apple to debut two iPhones this fall, with 4.7-inch model coming first; Apple explains Samsung damages claim; and Apple hires suggest baseband chip move. Read More

Heartbleed: Newly Exposed Internet Security Flaw Affects Millions of Sites

Computer experts say that server security software had a flaw called Heartbleed, which may have compromised the personal data of million of Internet users. Read More

If You Like Office For iPad, Thank Steve Ballmer (MSFT)

One of the first big things that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella did was release the much-awaited Office for iPad. In reality, it was Steve Ballmer's decision Read More

Windows XP Support Ends: 6 Ways to Protect Yourself

With the end of Windows XP support, it’s time to upgrade to Windows 8.1, buy a new PC or take measures to protect vulnerable Windows XP computers. Read More

What Is 4K TV? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About It

What is 4K TV? The future of high-resolution television is here with 4K TV which offers TV in cinematic resolution right to your home. Read More

NFLX: Netflix Just Started 4K TV Streaming

Netflix just started streaming 'House of Cards' and a couple of nature documentaries on 4K TV. NFLX stock is up over 2% Wednesday. Read More

End Of An Era at MSFT: Windows XP Is Put Out to Pasture

As of today, Microsoft has finally, officially pulled the plug on Windows XP, the most popular version of Windows ever. Here's what you need to know now Read More

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Apple to Launch iWatch in Q3 2014

Apple will debut its iWatch during the third quarter of 2014; lottery winners for WWDC ticket sales notified; and Apple poaches Amazon A9 executive. Read More

TWTR, FB: Twitter Profiles Get Facebook-Like Redesign

Twitter is rolling out design changes to Twitter profiles that are drawing comparisons to Facebook profiles. Read More

14 Apps You Have To Download to Your New Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung's new flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5, launches April 11. Here are14 apps you need to download as soon as you get the phone for maximum use Read More

Can’t Wait for the iPhone 6? 5 Awesome Smartphones to Buy Now

Apple will probably make us wait until September for the iPhone 6, but there are plenty of excellent smartphones available now if you don’t want to wait. Read More

Car Seat Recall: Over 1M Evenflo Seats Affected

Over 1.3 million Evenflo convertibles are being affected by a massive car seat recall due to potentially faulty buckles. Read More

6 Original Xbox TV Shows Coming in June 2014

Microsoft is releasing 6 original Xbox TV shows. At least two of those shows will be released in June including a sci-fi show. Read More

3 Must-Watch Superhero Movies on Netflix Streaming

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is already setting box-office records. If you want more superheroes, here are 3 superhero movies available on Netflix streaming. Read More

Monday Apple Rumors: Apple 65-inch iTV to Start Production in 2015

A Korean supplier will produce OLED panels for an Apple TV in 2015; Pixelworks puts ex-Apple employee on board; and Apple could go to Mars with cash hoard. Read More

AMZN: The Cloud May No Longer Be Amazon Stock’s Margin Savior

Amazon (AMZN) stock investors who were counting on the company's cloud offerings to thicken margins got a rude awakening with last week's price war salvos. Read More