Asus Chromebox Review – Get Nervous, Microsoft!

Our Asus Chromebox review shows that this cheap PC performs basic productivity tasks well despite its $179 price, even driving a 4K monitor. Read More

TWTR News: Twitter Direct Messages to Get an Upgrade

Twitter (TWTR) will transform its direct messages feature into a private chat application. TWTR stock is up more than 2% Monday afternoon. Read More

GOOG: Google to Stop Calling Games With In-App Purchases ‘Free’

Google is going to stop labeling games with in-app purchases as free in Europe by the end of September as part of a deal with the EC. Read More

The Tesla Model S Was Hacked as Part of a Competition

The Tesla Model S was hacked, but don't be alarmed. The invasion was conducted by university students as part of a competition. Read More

FB News: Facebook Scam Exploits MH17 Crash Victims

A new Facebook scam is taking advantage of the victims of the MH17 crash by setting up fake accounts and linking to dangerous websites. Read More

Is Microsoft Repeating Its IE Mistake With New Windows Phones?

Microsoft’s new Windows Phone Lumias are missing the option to default to Google Search, in a move similar to costly IE-on-Windows practices. Read More

Google Play Services: GOOG’s Stealth Weapon Against Fragmentation

By shifting functionality to Google Play Services, Google reduces Android fragmentation despite most devices running old versions of Android Read More

Friday Apple Rumors: 4.5-Inch iPhone 6 May Start Production in July

Friday's Apple rumors include productions dates for the iPhone 6, new photos of the Campus 2 and complaints form the European Commission. Read More

Destiny Beta Opens for PlayStation Users: What to Know

A Destiny beta is now available for Sony (SNE) PlayStation users and it appears to be more polished than the alpha. Read More

Twitter Fail: Jason Biggs Apologizes for Malaysian Airline Tweet

Jason Biggs is catching flak over a Tweet about the Malaysian Airline flight that went down on Thursday and has apologized for it. Read More

GOOG: Google Chrome to Fix Battery-Eating Bug

Google has announced that it plans to fix a bug in Chrome that can cause Windows laptops to experience as 25% increase in battery drain. Read More

FB News: Facebook Tests New ‘Buy’ Button

Facebook is testing a "Buy" button that allows users to make purchases through ads without ever leaving the social media website. Read More

Is Now the Time to Buy Stocks in Space Exploration Technology?

Even with space tourism and research, commercial space travel is still a nascent market, and investors who want to go where no one has gone before might want to pack a parachute. Read More

Thursday Apple Rumors: Possible Image of iPhone 6 Battery Revealed

Thursday's Apple rumors include a leaked image of a possible iPhone 6 battery, sales estimates for the iPhone and the start of iTunes Pass. Read More

FB News: A Look at the New Facebook Mentions App

Facebook (FB) is releasing the Mentions app, a new way for verified public figures to communicate with their fans. Read More

GOOG: London Goes 3D in Google Maps, Google Earth

Google has added London to its list of five cities in the UK that can be viewed in 3D through its Maps and Earth programs. Read More

FB: 10 Best Facebook Games for July 2014

'InvestorPlace' takes a look at the top 10 games on Facebook, which includes many games from King Digital Entertainment . Read More

AAPL, TSM: Apple May Switch Chip Suppliers Again in 2015

A recent report claims that Apple may choose to go back to Samsung for its next generation of chip over Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing. Read More

Wednesday Apple Rumors: 5.5-Inch Version of iPhone 6 May Be Delayed

Wednesday's Apple rumors include a delay for one version of the iPhone 6, a leaked image of a Touch ID senor and iOS 8 Beta 4's release. Read More

FB News: Facebook to Track Your TV Habits

Facebook is teaming up with Nielsen to track what type of TV shows people are watching on their mobile devices, such as tablets and phones. Read More