GOOG: Google Buys Solar-Powered Drones Maker Titan Aerospace

Google has purchased Titan Aerospace, a startup that makes high-altitude, solar-powered drones. GOOG stock is up Monday afternoon. Read More

MSFT Is Still Making Millions From Microsoft Windows XP

Even though Microsoft stopped selling Microsoft Windows XP PCs back in 2010, the company will make millions on the 12-year-old version of Windows this year. Read More

Monday Apple Rumors: Apple Wants to Charge $100 More for iPhone 6

Apple looks to boost iPhone 6 price by $100; Alpine Electronics to release CarPlay-compatible products this fall; Apple hires Wolff Olins Global CEO. Read More

Google Glass Available to All: 1 Day Only, April 15

Before moving it from beta (or Explorer) status to retail, Google is letting anyone buy Google Glass on April 15 to gauge demand and price sensitivity. Read More

Sony Vaio Laptop Recall: Battery Poses Fire, Burn Risk

Sony has announced a recall on the Vaio Fit 11A laptop/tablet hybrid due to an issue with the battery packs that can result in burns and fires. Read More

The One Major Flaw With Samsung’s New Gear Fit Smartwatch

Samsung has three major new products launching today, including the new Gear Fit smartwatch. It's great...with one big exception. Read More

Friday Apple Rumors: Motion-Controlled Apple TV Box Coming This Fall

Apple to debut an updated Apple TV box with motion controls; Apple not affected by Heartbleed security flaw; and UK music streaming service dropped by iAd. Read More

Could Google Glass Aid People With Parkinson’s Symptoms?

British researchers are studying how Google Glass could assist those afflicted by Parkinson's disease, helping to increase mobility and track symptoms. Read More

TWTR Data: 44% of Twitter Users Have Never Sent a Tweet

A report finds that only 13% of all existing Twitter accounts have sent more than 100 tweets, and 44% of TWTR accounts have never sent a Tweet. Read More

Heartbleed Bug Found in Some Cisco, Juniper Products

Cisco Systems and Juniper Network say that some of their networking products are affected by the Heartbleed security software vulnerability. Read More

Anyone in U.S. Can Buy Google Glass During This One-Day Sale

Google will allow any adult in the U.S. to purchase a Google Glass headset for $1,500 on April 15 in a special one-day sale. Read More

Galaxy S5 Review: New Samsung Flagship Sets Bar for iPhone 6

Our Galaxy S5 review shows Samsung’s new flagship is a worthy contender to the iPhone 5s. But it faces a tough fight against the iPhone 6 later this year. Read More

7 Tech Trends Changing the World Today

Goldman Sachs has a feature on its website titled Ways We Saw The World Change; the feature includes these 7 tech trends changing the way we live Read More

Yes, You SHOULD Kill BlackBerry Phones to Save BBRY

BlackBerry stock is languishing. And with less than 1% of the global market, the best thing to do to help BBRY is pull the plug on BlackBerry phones. Read More

Thursday Apple Rumors: Apple Gears Up for Heavy Fall Launch Schedule

Apple will release new iPads, iPhones, a MacBook Air and the iWatch this fall; Apple hires four more ad agencies; and Apple's software design head retires. Read More

Carousel: Dropbox Launches New Photo-Sharing App

Dropbox has launched a new photo-sharing app called Carousel that allows you to save every photo you have ever taken forever. Read More

Trip Around the World Planned in Solar-Powered Airplane

A solar-powered airplane called Solar Impulse 2 will fly around the world next year in 20 days, spread out over several months. Read More

3 Reasons Why AAPL Will Launch TWO New iPhone 6s

A new iPhone is critical to AAPL, but the iPhone 6 is especially important ... so much so that Apple might release two new iPhones to get it right. Read More

Borderlands Pre-Sequel Is NOT Coming to Xbox One or PlayStation 4

The Borderlands pre-sequel has been confirmed. However, many fans are upset that the game will not be released for Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Read More

Wednesday Apple Rumors: 4.7-Inch iPhone to Launch Ahead of Larger Model

Apple to debut two iPhones this fall, with 4.7-inch model coming first; Apple explains Samsung damages claim; and Apple hires suggest baseband chip move. Read More