Amazon Local Register: AMZN Debuts Mobile Credit Card Reader

The Amazon Local Register Secure Card Reader has been released by Amazon and it offers users a mobile credit card reader for $10. Read More

HOT: Starwood Hotels Roll Out Robot Butlers

Starwood Hotels is releasing a pilot program for robot butlers starting August 20 at the Aloft Hotel in Cupertino, CA. Read More

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Images Show Possible iPhone 6 Rear Shell

Tuesday's Apple rumors include images of a possible iPhone 6 rear shell, new fanless processors that could be heading to MacBooks and more. Read More

Twitter Zombies: 23M Active TWTR Users Are Bots

Twitter has revealed that 23 million of its monthly active users are actually bots, which accounts for 8.5%of its active users. Read More

Google to Invest $300M in ‘Faster’ Underwater Cable in Pacific Ocean

Google is investing $300 million in an underwater cable that will run from the West Coast of the United States to Japan. Read More

AAPL: Apple Talks HealthKit to Major Healthcare Providers

Apple is in talks with healthcare providers regarding its upcoming HealthKit service, which looks to store health information in one place. Read More

Monday Apple Rumors: Apple May Be Working On an iPad Pro

Monday's Apple rumors include a possible iPad Pro in development and several leaked images that could be of the iPhone 6. Read More

Hackers Can Spy on You Through Google Nest

Google Nest is able to be hacked and allows hackers to spy on owners and know when they are home and the person's Wi-Fi credentials. Read More

FB Annoys Users With Forced Facebook Messenger Move

Facebook users are annoyed by the fact that they are being forced to download an extra app just to message friends on Facebook. Read More

AAPL Blogger: Apple iWatch Announcement Date Was Just a ‘Joke’

A recent rumor made by a blogger that claimed Apple's iWatch will be announced next month turned out to be just a joke, or was it? Read More

Fitbit Flex: Will Fitness Trackers Disappear in a World of Smartphones and Smartwatches?

E-readers, iPods and digital cameras are declining and fitness trackers like Fitbit Flex could be next single purpose device to fade away Read More

Friday Apple Rumors: Images Show Off Possibly Finished iPad Air 2

Friday's Apple Rumors include images of an allegedly finessed iPad Air 2, possible delays to iWatch production and more. Read More

TWTR Tips: 3 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

Increasing Twitter followers can be hard to do, but a good guide from WikiHow shows some of the best way to increase your followers. Read More

Man Dies in E-Cigarette Explosion

A man in Liverpool, UK died after an E-cigarette explosion occurred in his home, setting the house on fire. Read More

Google, Yahoo Team Up on Encrypted Email

Google and Yahoo are teaming up to offer encrypted emails that couldn't be viewed by hacker or the government as early as next year. Read More

FB Malware Alert: Beware the Facebook Color Change Scam

A Facebook scam that promises to change the color of users' profile themes is making rounds across the social media website, again. Read More

Apple (AAPL) Adds ‘Beats by Dre’ Microsite to Online Store

Now that Apple's acquisition of Beats by Dre is complete, the headphone maker has its own section on the tech giant's online store. Read More

Back-to-School: 6 Money-Saving Tech Tips for College Students

From Skype for free long-distance calls to an iMac as an entertainment center, here are 6 back-to-school tech tips to help college students save money Read More

Giants Collide – Is AAPL vs. AMZN the Next Big Tech Clash?

AAPL and AMZN are increasingly in direct competition, most recently with set-top streaming boxes and smartphones Read More

Thursday Apple Rumors: Mac Users May Get Their Own Version of Siri

Thursday's Apple rumors include a detailed overview of possible iPhone 6 features, Siri possibly coming to Macs and more. Read More