Friday Apple Rumors: Images Show Off Possibly Finished iPad Air 2

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Man Dies in E-Cigarette Explosion

A man in Liverpool, UK died after an E-cigarette explosion occurred in his home, setting the house on fire. Read More

Google, Yahoo Team Up on Encrypted Email

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FB Malware Alert: Beware the Facebook Color Change Scam

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Apple (AAPL) Adds ‘Beats by Dre’ Microsite to Online Store

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Thursday Apple Rumors: Mac Users May Get Their Own Version of Siri

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Vizio TV Recall: 245,000 Flat Screens Need a Fix

A Vizio TV recall has been issued regarding close to 250,000 flat screen TVs that come with faulty stands. Read More

Google to Reward Encrypted Websites in GOOG Search Rankings

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Big Data Gets Personal, Moving Past the Point of No Return

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AAPL Stock Averages 23%-Plus in 6 Months After New iPhone

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Wednesday Apple Rumors: 4.7-Inch iPhone 6 May Get 2,100 mAh Battery

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Russian Hackers Steal More Than One Billion Passwords

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TWTR News: Twitter Payment & Shipping Tab Raises Eyebrows

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More Trouble for GOOG: Google Autocomplete Comes Under Fire

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AAPL News: Apple Sets Date for iPhone 6 Reveal

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