GOOG: London Goes 3D in Google Maps, Google Earth

Google has added London to its list of five cities in the UK that can be viewed in 3D through its Maps and Earth programs. Read More

FB: 10 Best Facebook Games for July 2014

'InvestorPlace' takes a look at the top 10 games on Facebook, which includes many games from King Digital Entertainment . Read More

AAPL, TSM: Apple May Switch Chip Suppliers Again in 2015

A recent report claims that Apple may choose to go back to Samsung for its next generation of chip over Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing. Read More

Wednesday Apple Rumors: 5.5-Inch Version of iPhone 6 May Be Delayed

Wednesday's Apple rumors include a delay for one version of the iPhone 6, a leaked image of a Touch ID senor and iOS 8 Beta 4's release. Read More

FB News: Facebook to Track Your TV Habits

Facebook is teaming up with Nielsen to track what type of TV shows people are watching on their mobile devices, such as tablets and phones. Read More

TWTR: Former Twitter Employee Sues for Age Discrimination

Peter Taylor, a former Twitter employee, is suing the social media company for alleged age discrimination that caused him to lose his job. Read More

LeapTV: New LeapFrog Gaming Console Coming Ahead of 2014 Holiday

LeapTV -- LeapFrog's new gaming console -- will go on sale this October. The program consists of videos and games for kids. Read More

Google Glass Price: Is Exclusivity Killing GOOG’s High-Tech Specs?

The price of Google Glass has turned the public against it, opening the door for competitors to swoop in and steal the spotlight. Read More

Comcast Makes a Quiet Play for the Smart Home

The smart home trend continues to gain steam. Buying PowerCloud System lets Comcast ingrain itself in the security side of the equation. Read More

Tuesday Apple Rumors: iWatch May Come in 3 Versions

Monday's Apple rumors include three versions of the iWatch, solved battery issues for the iPhone 6 and trade ins being offered in Australia. Read More

TWTR TOP 25: Who Has the Most Followers on Twitter?

Twitter Counter has collected a list of the 100 Twitter accounts with the most followers and we look at the top 25 from that list. Read More

GOOG: 5 Things to Know About the Google Smart Contact Lens Project

Google and Novartis, announced on Monday, that they will team up to license and commercialize the former's smart contact lenses. Read More

FB News: Beware the ‘Facebook Lottery’ Scam

One woman is warning other of a Facebook lottery scam after she lost hundreds of dollars to someone claiming to be a Facebook Administrator. Read More

AAPL – Will Apple Stock Keep Soaring Past All-Time Highs?

Apple stock is about to set a new all time high. But investors shouldn't expect AAPL to push much higher than that in the months ahead. Read More

Smartphone Security: Photos, Personal Data Left on “Wiped” Devices

A new smartphone security study finds that Android attracts more malware, and user data remains accessible after devices are wiped. Read More

Monday Apple Rumors: iWatch Price Predictions Put it at $300

Monday's Apple rumors include fuel cells in mobile devices, iWatch price predictions and Mac deals that can help you save money. Read More

TapTalk: 5 Things to Know About the New Ashton Kutcher-Endorsed App

Ashton Kutcher recently endorsed a new app called TapTalk, which allows users to send photos and videos to each other, via Tiwtter. Read More

Nickel Rashes Traced to iPads, Apple Devices

Nickel rashes are more common these days among those with nickel allergies due to iPads and other Apple devices that may contain nickel. Read More

HD, SSYS: Home Depot to Carry Line of 3D Printers

Home Depot (HD) is planning on carrying MakerBot 3D printers in 12 of its locations. MakerBot was acquired by Stratasys (SSYS) last year. Read More

GOOG: Google Launches Augmented Reality Game Ingress on iOS

Google has released Ingress, an augmented reality game that require real-world travel, to users of devices running Apple's iOS. Read More