Finally? Apple (AAPL) iPhone 6 May Have Reversible USB Cable

Apple's iPhone 6 may take advantage of a new, reversible USB cable that doesn't force users to plug it in a certain way. Read More

Friday Apple Rumors: Apple May Release a New Lightning Cable

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SuperValu Data Breach: 200 Stores Affected

A massive SuperValu data breach has been detected. the breach could have affected up to 200 stores, according to the company. Read More

TWTR to Crack Down on Twitter Bullies, User Harassment

Twitter has announced that it will be reviewing its harassment policies following Zelda Williams' decision to leave the website. Read More

Amazon Fire Panned by Consumer Reports (AMZN)

Amazon (AMZN) needs to up its game if it wants its smartphone to compete with Android and Apple's iPhone 6. Read More

The Latest Google Nexus 6 Rumors

Google Nexus 6 rumors are heating up with leaked specifications from a benchmark test that give it a 3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 805 chipset. Read More

FB News: Cops Investigate Teen Over Pro-Israel Facebook ‘Like’

A teenager from Malaysia was questioned by police over "Liking" a pro-Israel Facebook page when he asked for protection from threats. Read More

AAPL: Apple Begins Storing Personal Data on Servers in China

Apple has started storing some of its Chinese users' personal data on servers in China to make iCloud more efficient in the country. Read More

Thursday Apple Rumors: Image of Logic Board Could Be for iPhone 6

Thursday's Apple rumors include a completed logic board that could be for the iPhone 6, rumored high-end versions of the iPhone 6 and more. Read More

What Is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom has completed its pilot and is now open to educators to help them better communicate with their students. Read More

Apple Bans 2 Toxic Chemicals Used in AAPL iPhone Assembly

Apple has decided to remove two toxic chemicals, benzene and n-hexane, that are used in iPhone assembly from its factories. Read More

Samsung UHD 55 (9000 Series): 4K TV Review

Our Samsung UHD 55 review shows a $4,500 Ultra HD TV with style, quality and features, but it’s going up against sub $1,000 4K TVs from China. Read More

iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 2: What to Expect

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4 Xbox One Updates Coming Fall 2014

Microsoft has announced several major Xbox One updates coming this fall including a new media player and a new Friends section. Read More

Wednesday Apple Rumors: iPhone 6 Possibly Entering Final Production

Wednesday's Apple rumors include the iPhone 6 entering the final stage of production rumors of the next iPad mini and more. Read More

TWTR News: Twitter Tests Video Advertising

Twitter is testing out video advertising in a new feature that it call "Promoted Video", which is currently in its beta. Read More

FB Trick: How to Avoid Downloading Facebook Messenger App

Mobile Facebook users who aren't looking to download the Facebook Messenger app have a few options that allow them to avoid it. Read More

Amazon Local Register: AMZN Debuts Mobile Credit Card Reader

The Amazon Local Register Secure Card Reader has been released by Amazon and it offers users a mobile credit card reader for $10. Read More

HOT: Starwood Hotels Roll Out Robot Butlers

Starwood Hotels is releasing a pilot program for robot butlers starting August 20 at the Aloft Hotel in Cupertino, CA. Read More

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Images Show Possible iPhone 6 Rear Shell

Tuesday's Apple rumors include images of a possible iPhone 6 rear shell, new fanless processors that could be heading to MacBooks and more. Read More