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smartphone,A consumer based economy always lends itself to technology, as members of the economy demand the newest, coolest gadgets. Because of that, it is pertinent for both consumers and investors to be aware of the current tech trends and most recent products. When everyone is scrambling to buy the newest iPhone or sort out the latest Apple rumors, investors are doing the same with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock.

Reduce the scramble in your life by reading our reviews and analysis on the latest tech companies and their products.

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How to Create Your Facebook Year in Review for 2014

Looking to create a Facebook Year in Review for 2014 but don't know how? No worries, 'InvestorPlace' has a guide for you. Read Article

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Apple May Release 4-Inch iPhone 6s Mini in 2015

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include updates on the construction of Campus 2, how to send an iTunes gift card via Siri and more. Read Article

It’s Here! See the Google Self-Driving Car Prototype

The first real prototype of the Google self-driving car was revealed by the company and will be tested over the holidays. Read Article

Facebook Takes Heat for Blocking Russia Protest Page

Facebook has been caught in the middle of a debate in Russia after blocking a page on its website that called for a demonstration. Read Article

HP Takes on Chromebooks With a $200 PC

Windows notebook sales are threatened by Chromebooks so Microsoft is pushing cheap laptops, such as the $200 HP Stream 11, as an alternative. Read Article

Apple OS X Update: AAPL Forces Security Patch on Mac Users

For the first time ever, an Apple OS X update has been forced on users to protect them from hackers taking over their computers. Read Article

Monday Apple Rumors: New Macbook Air May Enter Production in 2015

Monday's Apple Rumors include iTunes starting up a Tumblr account, an Apple Supplier looking into working conditions and more. Read Article

Stickered for Messenger: Facebook Launches New ‘Sticker’ App

Facebook has introduced a new app called 'Stickered for Messenger' that allows users to edit stickers into photos and send them to friends. Read Article

Google Is Seeking Partners to Make Its Self-Driving Car

Google is searching for experienced partners in the automotive industry to assist it in the creation of its self-driving. Read Article

Microsoft Dumps Third-Party Snapchat Apps From Windows Phone Store

Microsoft (MSFT) is dumping third-party Snapchat apps from its app store. The move is a result of Snapchat's desire to improve security. Read Article

When Will Apple Launch the iPhone 7?

A new series of rumors surrounding the iPhone 7 are going around and they claim that the device will see a 2015 release date. Read Article

Can 3D Printing Stocks Rebound in 2015?

Next year won't be much kinder to 3D printing companies, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider buying shares. Read Article

Friday Apple Rumors: Apple Could Sell 67M iPhones in December Quarter

Friday's Apple Rumors include an update to Watch ABC for Apple TV, one-day shipping estimates on certain iPhone 6 models and more. Read Article

Lost Followers? Instagram Is Deleting Accounts and Users Aren’t Happy

Instagram performed a cleansing that removed millions of followers from users accounts that were believed to be spam accounts. Read Article

Domain-Name Giant ICANN Hacked: What We Know

CANN, a manager of domain names, has announced that it was hacked in November and that some information was stolen during the event. Read Article

Study: (Even More) Teens Leaving Facebook

A new study claims that more teenagers are leaving Facebook, but that the service continues to be popular with older users. Read Article

Google Fiber Delayed: 9 Metros Won’t Get OK Just Yet

Google Fiber installation has been delayed in several metro areas it says it will update the status of the service in the city next year. Read Article

Apple CEO Tim Cook Speaks Out Against BBC Allegations

Apple CEO Tim Cook is refuting BBC allegations made in a new documentary that it supports poor working conditions at its suppliers. Read Article

5 Best Drones of 2014

Drones are one of the top tech trends this year and helped drive sales of GoPro action cameras -- we list the five best drones for 2014. Read Article

Most Anticipated Video Games of 2015

Gamers had a great year in 2014 and now its time to look at the most anticipated video games of 2015 to see what next year has in store. Read Article