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smartphone,A consumer based economy always lends itself to technology, as members of the economy demand the newest, coolest gadgets. Because of that, it is pertinent for both consumers and investors to be aware of the current tech trends and most recent products. When everyone is scrambling to buy the newest iPhone or sort out the latest Apple rumors, investors are doing the same with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock.

Reduce the scramble in your life by reading our reviews and analysis on the latest tech companies and their products.

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Get Ready for Dozens More, Inc. Dash Buttons

A recent report claims that a new wave of Amazon Dash buttons will be announced by the online retailer sometime this week. Read Article

Friday Apple Rumors: 2017 Apple Watch May Have Micro-LED Display

Friday's Apple Rumors include the a new iPhone 6 case that expands storage, more talk about a new Thunderbolt display and more. Read Article

WhatsApp Leak Reveals 5 Big New Features

Whatsapp, which is owned by Facebook, may be getting ready to launch new features soon if recent rumors are to be believed. Read Article

Microsoft Corporation’s Console Strategy Could Spell the End for Xbox (MSFT)

Microsoft's Project Scorpio and Xbox One S effectively toss out the traditional upgrade cycle in a move that risks killing the Xbox One. Read Article

Thursday Apple Rumors: Possible iPhone 7 Price Guide Leaks Online

Thursday's Apple Rumors include a bug in Apple Music, a patent for an iOS stylus and a possible leaked price guide for the iPhone 7. Read Article

Google Fiber Buys Webpass to Help With U.S. Expansion

Google Fiber has announced that it's acquiring internet service provider Webpass to help it with its U.S. expansion plans. Read Article

Twitter Inc Plans to Stream More Live Events After NFL Success

Twitter is planning for more live stream events after its success with NFL ads and it could include coverage of political debates. Read Article

Wednesday Apple Rumors: iOS 10 Beta Doesn’t Have Encrypted Kernal

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include 72 new emoji likely coming in iOS 10, an investigation over an iPhone 6 patent dispute and more. Read Article

10 Things to Know About the New, Inc. Kindle

Amazon has released a new Amazon Kindle and 'InvestorPlace' has collected some things to know about the updated e-book reader. Read Article

Spotify Suffers Outage, Many Users Unable to Stream Music

Spotify was down for a few hours on Wednesday morning and users couldn't listen to music, but the issue was quickly fixed. Read Article

Tuesday Apple Rumors: iPhone 7 May Ship with 3.5mm EarPod Adapter

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include a rejected rifle emoji, a report of only one major change coming to the iPhone 7 and more. Read Article

Internet of Things: Samsung to Invest $1.2B in U.S. on IoT by 2020

Samsung has announced it will be spending $1.2 billion on Internet of Things research and development in United States by 2020. Read Article

Monday Apple Rumors: Is TextEdit Coming to iOS?

Monday's Apple Rumors include leaked iPhone 7 parts that include a 3.5mm headphone jack and old MacBooks being pulled from show floors. Read Article

Apple Inc. Can Finally Open Retail Stores in India

Apple can finally start opening retail stores in India due to new laws that includes an exemption for foreign retailers. Read Article

Friday Apple Rumors: iMessage Won’t Be Coming to Android Devices

Friday's Apple Rumors include a concept for a new Mac keyboard, how to downgrade from the iOS 10 beta back to iOS 9.3.2 and more. Read Article

IBM, Local Motors Teams Up on Self-Driving Bus Called Olli

IBM and Local Motors have teamed up to launch a bus that has no driver and was created thanks to the technology and magic of the 3D printer. Read Article

Thursday Apple Rumors: Dark Mode May Be Coming in iOS 10

Thursday's Apple Rumors include a new patent for a dual-layer LCD display, claims that iPhone 7 Plus won't have a dual camera and more. Read Article

Facebook Inc’s Messenger Redesign: 5 Changes to Know

Facebook Messenger has been redesigned so that it's easier for users to keep track of their most important conversations. Read Article

Facebook Inc’s Messenger Adds Secret Soccer Game

Facebook Messenger has been updated to include a secret soccer game for players using its newest Android and Apple apps. Read Article

Starbucks Corporation, Microsoft Corporation Team Up on New Feature for Outlook

Starbucks and Microsoft are working together on a new feature for Outlook that helps users set up meetings with each other. Read Article