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smartphone,A consumer based economy always lends itself to technology, as members of the economy demand the newest, coolest gadgets. Because of that, it is pertinent for both consumers and investors to be aware of the current tech trends and most recent products. When everyone is scrambling to buy the newest iPhone or sort out the latest Apple rumors, investors are doing the same with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock.

Reduce the scramble in your life by reading our reviews and analysis on the latest tech companies and their products.

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DJI Phantom 4 Review: Great Drone If You’ve Got the Money

Our DJI Phantom 4 review shows GoPro will have a tough job competing against the newest DJI Phantom when it enters the drone market. Read Article

Friday Apple Rumors: Patent Hints at Apple Watch Sign Language Support

Friday's Apple Rumors include possible details on a new antenna switch module for the iPhone 7. another iPhone SE teardown and more. Read Article

April Fool’s Day 2016: Google ‘Minion Mic Drop’ Gmail Prank Backfires

Google tried to be funny this year with its April Fool Day's prank by making some changes to Gmail, but it didn't go well. Read Article

Apple Inc.: iPhone SE Review (AAPL)

Our iPhone SE review shows Apple’s new 4-inch smartphone is a huge upgrade to the 2-year-old iPhone 5S and offers a great experience for $399. Read Article

Thursday Apple Rumors: iPhone SE Shares Several Parts With iPhone 6s

Thursday's Apple Rumors include the FBI offering to unlock iPhones, a fix for the iOS 9.3 Safari links bug and an iPhone SE teardown. Read Article

Final Fantasy XV: Trailer, Release Date, Demos

Some major details regarding 'Final Fantasy XV' were dropped by Square Enix on Wednesday, including its release date and a new trailer. Read Article

Apple Inc.: Is Maturing App Store Losing Its Edge? (AAPL)

As users are buying fewer apps and smaller developers are getting squeezed out, Apple's App Store may cease being such a driver for AAPL stock. Read Article

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple Releases New Developer Version of Safari

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include a new charging option for iPad Pro owners, iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pros starting shipping and more. Read Article

Google Fiber Phone: 7 Things to Know About the New Home Phone Service

Google has announced a new Google Fiber Phone service and 'InvestorPlace' has collected a list of things to know about it. Read Article

Snapchat News: 7 Things to Know About Chat 2.0

Snapchat is launching 'Chat 2.0,' a messaging service that combines video, audio, GIFs, stickers and more. Here are seven things to know about it. Read Article

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Apple Acknowledges iOS 9.3 Safari Bug

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include the DOJ dropping its lawsuit against AAPL, a patent for stacking Smart Connector plugs and more. Read Article

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Sets Sights on Self-Driving Motorcycles

Yamaha is looking at a future with self-driving motorcycles, but it doesn't expect to get there for at least another 10 years. Read Article

Instagram Flooded With ‘Turn on Notifications’ Requests

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is seeing a large amount of 'turn on notifications' request from users ahead of its feed changes. Read Article

Nintendo Co., Ltd (ADR) Miitomo App to Hit US This Thursday

Nintendo will release its Miitomo app, which will be its first smartphone game, in the United States on Thursday, March 29, 2016. Read Article

What’s the Fuss About the Dual-Camera Apple Inc. May Use in the iPhone 7?

The iPhone 7 could adopt dual-camera technology, offering DLSR photo quality and kicking off a big upgrade cycle for AAPL. Read Article

Galaxy S7 Edge Review: Samsung Unleashes the Ultimate Android Smartphone

Samsung’s innovative Galaxy S7 Edge fixes the flaws from last year, makes the leap to phablet size and has breakout potential despite its premium price. Read Article

Toyota Prius PHV: 5 Things to Know About the New Prius Prime

The second-generation Toyota Prius hybrid, plug-in vehicle is currently in the works. Here are five things to know about the new gas-electric car. Read Article

FBI Investigating MedStar Health Computer Virus

The FBI is looking at a computer virus that hit MedStar Health facilities, deactivating record systems for thousands of patients and doctors. Read Article

Facebook Messenger Preps for In-App Purchases

Facebook Messenger (FB) will soon cash in as the chatting service is adding a slate of new features to its fold, including in-app purchases. Read Article

Monday Apple Rumors: 2017 iPhone May Have Glass-Covered Case

Monday's Apple Rumors include a fix for the iOS 9.3 iPad/iPhone glitch, a new bug for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus owners and more. Read Article