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smartphone,A consumer based economy always lends itself to technology, as members of the economy demand the newest, coolest gadgets. Because of that, it is pertinent for both consumers and investors to be aware of the current tech trends and most recent products. When everyone is scrambling to buy the newest iPhone or sort out the latest Apple rumors, investors are doing the same with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock.

Reduce the scramble in your life by reading our reviews and analysis on the latest tech companies and their products.

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Thursday Apple Rumors: Possible Working iPhone 7 Appears in Video

Thursday's Apple Rumors include Britney Spears' 'Glory' being an Apple Music exclusive, the iOS 9.3.4 security update and more. Read Article

New Twitter Inc Ads Will Lure Users With Incentives

Twitter (TWTR) wants its users to engage in more activities on its website and it now has tools to lure them in with Conversational Ads. Read Article

GTA 5 Outage: Why Grand Theft Auto V Was Not Working

A GTA 5 outage occurred this morning due to a group of hackers known as Poodlecorp launching a DDoS attack on Rockstar servers. Read Article

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple Partner Leaks iPhone 7 Details

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include a Kickstarter campaign for a wireless charging platform, upgraded RAM in the iPhone 7 and more. Read Article

Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA): Can a Tesla Heavy-Duty Truck Pull Its Weight?

TSLA's recently-unveiled Master Plan Pt. 2 mentions heavy-duty trucks, and Tesla stock could do well, if Musk can successfully develop them. Read Article

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Exploding iPhone 6 Battery Burns Cyclist

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include new public betas for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, leaked iPhone 7 and 7 Plus images, and more. Read Article

Xbox One: What’s New in the Summer Update

The new Summer Update for the Xbox One has started rolling out and 'InvestorPlace' has a list of new features being added. Read Article

‘Pokemon Go’ News: Was the First Articuno Captured in Ohio?

Pokemon Go players are in a tizzy now that the Legendary Bird Pokemon Articuno has been spotted guarding a gym located in Ohio. Read Article

Monday Apple Rumors: Space Black iPhone 7 Mute Button Leaks

Monday's Apple Rumors include a collection of new betas, new emoji coming in iOS 10 and a leaked part of the iPhone 7 in Space Black. Read Article

Amazon Building Headphones That Know When Someone Calls Your Name

Amazon has filed a patent for a pair of smart headphones that can turn off noise-cancelling technology to let certain sounds in. Read Article

How to Get Banned From Pokemon Go

Players are starting to get permanently banned from Nintendo's (NTDOY) 'Pokemon Go' mobile game for cheating to hatch eggs quicker. Read Article

New Instagram Feature Will Let Users Filter, Delete Comments

Instagram is going to give users more control over comments on their posts by introducing filters for words and phrases soon. Read Article

5 of the Biggest M&A Blunders in Tech History

In the wake of VZ buying YHOO, here's a look at some of the biggest M&A mistakes in the history of the tech sector. Read Article

Friday Apple Rumors: Apple Wins Patent for iPad Digital Crown

Friday's Apple Rumors include efforts on self-driving car software, new display technology for the Apple Watch 2 and more. Read Article

Today Is Your Last Chance for A Free Windows 10 Upgrade

Today is the last day that Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users can get the free Windows 10 upgrade from Microsoft Corporation (MSFT). Read Article

New on Netflix, Inc.: 20 New Movies Coming in August 2016

August will start on Monday and that means that several new movies and TV shows will be new on Netflix (NFLX) for the months. Read Article

5 Pokemon Go Accessories to Help You Catch ‘Em All

Pokemon Go players should consider these five accessories that will help take them to the next level and catch many more Pokemon. Read Article

Thursday Apple Rumors: Possible iPhone 7 Preorder Date Leaks

Thursday's Apple Rumors include possible images of the Lightning to headphone adapter, OLED predictions and leaked iPhone 7 preorder dates. Read Article

Apple Inc. To See ‘Significant’ iPhone Upgrade Cycle (AAPL)

Apple Inc. showed an increase in iPhone sales and expects a new cycle to increase future revenues. But not everyone buys AAPl's stock boost Read Article

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Should Consider an Intel Divorce

MSFT relies on INTC for chips and when Intel changes course, Microsoft products like the Surface 3 are left hanging. Read Article