New Facebook Ads Tap Into India’s Popular ‘Missed Call’ Practice

Facebook is taking advantage of India's "Missed Call" practice to get ads out to those in the country without using data or airtime. Read More

Apple (AAPL) Stores Cut iPhone 5 Trade-In Price

Apple has dropped the trade-in price for the iPhone 5 by $45, cutting the price of the device from $270 to an all-time low of $225. Read More

Wednesday Apple Rumors: iPad Air 2 and Mini 3 May Release in September

Apple is expected to release new versions of the iPad Air and iPad Mini in September and it's also may be revamping its Maps service. Read More

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A Quick Look at 5 Stock Investment Apps

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TWTR: Twitter ‘Buy Now’ Button Spotted in Tweets

Twitter may be testing a new feature as some users have noticed 'Buy Now' buttons beneath posts that link back to the online store, Fancy. Read More

GOOG: Google to Shutter Its Orkut Social Network

Google is shutting down Orkut, its first attempt at a social network, on September 30 due to other services outpacing it. Read More

AMZN: Amazon Fire Smartphone Sales Are Not Sizzling

Amazon's 32 GB version of the Fire Phone is currently ranked number 75 on the company's best-sellers list and the 64 GB version didn't rank. Read More

AAPL: Apple Back-to-School Promotion Features $100 iTunes Gift Card

Apple is offering $50 and $100 gift cards to qualified students that are gearing up to go back to school this fall with Apple products. Read More

Apple Enters Phablet Market With iPhone 6 (AAPL)

Apple felt that big smartphones were a fad until Samsung turned the phablet into a hot category, forcing AAPL to respond with a bigger iPhone 6. Read More

Monday Apple Rumors: Apple Developing Home Automation Hardware

Apple said to be working on connected-home products; Apple drops Aperature and iPhoto development; and Tim Cook appears at Gay Pride Parade. Read More

5 Cool Gadgets Coming Out This Summer

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TWTR: World Cup Game Becomes Biggest Moment in Twitter History

During Saturday's World Cup match between Brazil and Chile, fans used Twitter (TWTR) to sent a record number of tweets. Read More

GOOG: Google Gives Quickoffice App the Axe

Google says that its Quickoffice app is being discontinued and will be removed from GOOG's app store in coming weeks. Read More

Facebook (FB) Keeps Pushing Boundaries of ‘Too Far’ With Mood Study

A Facebook study examining how certain posts would affect users' moods is being called "unethical" and starting to grow into a PR nightmare. Read More

The Internet of Things — 9 Stocks to Buy (At Your Own Peril)

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Friday Apple Rumors: 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Gets Optical Image Stabilization

Apple to add premium optical technology to its 5.5-inch iPhone 6; Apple hires Atlas Wearables engineer; and Costco is selling iPhones again. Read More

WMT, AAPL: Walmart Slashes Apple iPhone Prices

Walmart permanently cuts the prices for Apple's iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sold on contract at WMT stores ahead of the launch of the iPhone 6. Read More

New iMac Review: Apple’s Cheapest Option Is Also Its Slowest

New iMac review: The cheaper 2014 iMac cuts costs by compromising on processing power and storage, but it's still a solid machine. Read More

FB News: 6 Rumors About Facebook@Work

Facebook is reportedly working on a version of its social media website to be use at work that will be similar to LinkedIn. Read More