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smartphone,A consumer based economy always lends itself to technology, as members of the economy demand the newest, coolest gadgets. Because of that, it is pertinent for both consumers and investors to be aware of the current tech trends and most recent products. When everyone is scrambling to buy the newest iPhone or sort out the latest Apple rumors, investors are doing the same with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock.

Reduce the scramble in your life by reading our reviews and analysis on the latest tech companies and their products.

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Apple Inc. (AAPL) Won’t Reveal iPhone 7 Launch Weekend Sales Numbers

Apple says it won’t reveal iPhone 7 launch weekend sales, citing limited supplies and a guaranteed sellout that make numbers meaningless. Read Article

Friday Apple Rumors: iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Preorders Are Open

Friday's Apple Rumors include delayed in-store pickup for the iPhone 7, the cost of the Lightning to headphone jack adapter and more. Read Article

REPORT:, Inc. Is Looking to Stream Sports Live

Amazon (AMZN) is reportedly looking to stream sports in the future as part of an effort to draw more customers to its service. Read Article

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. to Use Google Drones to Delivery Burritos at Virginia Tech

Chipotle (CMG) will be testing burrito delivery at Virginia Tech using Alphabet's (GOOG,GOOGL) autonomous Google drones. Read Article

Dell Layoffs Coming After EMC Deal

A new round of Dell layoffs have been announced following the $60 billion acquisition of EMC, which also owns VMware. Here's what you should know. Read Article

Amazon Adds Alexa to New Fire Tablet, Other Devices

Amazon is adding Alexa to its upcoming Fire tablet, which will retail for less than $100. Several other tablets will also get the voice-activated software. Read Article

Facebook Releases Special ‘Like’ Buttons for Star Trek Fans

Facebook is appeasing Trekkies by adding several "like" buttons that celebrate the franchise's 50 years of existence. Kirk and Spock are included. Read Article

5 Tech Stocks Releasing Make-or-Break Products

For better or worse, tech stocks live by the sword and die by the sword. These five names are about to go into battle. Read Article

Thursday Apple Rumors: iOS 10 Golden Master Public Beta is Out

Thursday's Apple Rumors include issues with the Jet Black iPhone 7, limitations while listening to music and charging an iPhone 7 and more. Read Article

Pokemon Go Plus: Wearable Device to Launch Sept. 16

Pokemon Go Plus, the wearable device to help with the augmented reality mobile game, will finally be released on Sept. 16. Read Article

Uber Debuts Enhanced Pandora Media Inc Program for Riders

Uber has launched a new program with Pandora (P) that allows users to listen to the music of their choice during a ride. Read Article

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Unveils iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2 and AirPods

Apple (AAPL), desperately needing a breath of fresh air, is depending on its new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 to generate a little excitement. Read Article

IDC: Apple Inc. Is Losing In The Smart Wearable Market (AAPL)

Fitbit is still the leader in the wearables industry according to data provided by IDC. Here's what it means for AAPL shareholders Read Article

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Specs and Price (AAPL)

Apple (AAPL) just unleashed the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. We look at improved specs, new features, prices and when you can order yours. Read Article

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Apple Watch Is Ready for Pokemon Go

While it won't have the functionality of the full app, Pokemon Go gives fans one more reason to consider an Apple Watch. Read Article

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Super Mario Run Coming to App Store

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include 'Super Mario Run' for iOS, a Tweet about the iPhone 7 release date and new AAPL trademarks. Read Article

Brazzers Data Beach: Porn Site Users’ Details Leaked Online

Brazzers has been hit with a data breach that occurred three years ago, but the company's information is only being leaked now by hackers. Read Article

INTC News: Why Intel Is Buying Startup Movidius

Intel (INTC) has announced plans to acquire semiconductor startup Modivius as the company looks to bolster its artificial intelligence segment. Read Article

Tuesday Apple Rumors: AAPL Accidentally Confirms iPhone 7, 7 Plus

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include a further teardown of possible Apple Watch 2 parts, high-end EarPods and listings for the iPhone 7. Read Article

HSBC Holdings plc (ADR) Lets Customers Use ‘Selfie’ Instead of Password

Banking company HSBC (HSBC) has made a change so that its business customers can use a selfie when opening their bank accounts. Read Article