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stock market outlook and predictionsPredicting the future is no easy task but our experts still do their best to predict the future of the market. By analyzing historical trends and current data, our experts offer their outlook on the market and the various impacts a specific event might have.

Whether it is a new IPO or a newly offered dividend, our experts identify factors that could shape the future of the economy and give advice on how to take advantage of each situation.

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Milton Friedman Was Wrong About Inflation

The great economist thought inflation could always be fixed by monetary policy, but that's a lot harder when demographics gets in the way Read Article

‘Omen’ Reappears as ECB Disappoints on Stimulus

Ongoing deterioration in market internals resulted in the flashing of another "Hindenburg Omen" signal. Read Article

What Does the ADP Say About Economic Growth?

In terms of market impact, the ADP report reconfirms what we know. U.S. economic growth is looking up despite the global outlook. Read Article

Will Europe Instate a Quantitative Easing Program?

Stocks ended in the red on Dec. 1 but appear on track to reverse following a positive market action in Europe ahead of the ECB meeting today. Read Article

Sidelines Are the Safer Bet Right Now

Declining volume and lagging momentum argue against a high-volume breakout in mid and small caps. Read Article

December Seasonality – Here’s What You Need to Know

Here's what investors can expect for December seasonality and what that means for the S&P 500 compared to recent history according to Bespoke Investment Group. Read Article

Is Black Friday a Thing of the Past?

More and more eager holiday shoppers are ringing in the season online. So, perhaps the Black Friday mania will die out. Read Article

Stay Far Away From Small and Mid Caps

Sellers are overcoming almost every attempt at a rally. Read Article

Stocks Bounce as ‘Hindenburg Omen’ Strikes

The Hindenburg Omen was last seen in September, foreshadowing a two-month decline dropped the Dow nearly 8% and hit small cap stocks with a 12% drop. Read Article

Spanish Stocks Are Bargain Buys

U.S. stocks are looking risky at current prices, but Spanish stocks are cheap and unloved. Time for a rotation. Read Article

5 Energy Stocks to Buy at 5 Different Oil Prices

Oil prices are falling, but don't worry -- some producers will still make plenty of profits. Here are the energy stocks to buy. Read Article

Low Oil Prices Will Likely Help U.S. Shoppers

In recent days, the unexpected drop in oil prices to five-year lows and soft readings from China and Europe have been particularly notable. Read Article

Prepare for a Nasty Round of Selling

We can expect a pullback to the 50-day moving averages of the major indices. Read Article

Stocks Start December in a Downtrend

Monday's losses are a sign of fragility, that the situation is so high strung that a wave of selling orders could result in disorderly price action. Read Article

What Do Lower Gas Prices Mean for You?

When you see gasoline drop below $3 per gallon, should you be relieved or worried? More importantly, how should you respond? Read Article

Buyers May Get Some Good Deals Mid-Month

With the market clearly overbought, a sell-off is likely to provide better prices. Read Article

Don’t Count On the Latest Economic Data

Stocks will likely discount the latest mixed economic data and maintain the recent positive momentum in an otherwise light-volume session ahead of Thanksgiving. Read Article

Cash in Any Big Profits in Small Caps

An overhead resistance line offers a good place to sell. Read Article

Stocks Hang Near Records as Trouble Looms in December

After the markets listed Tuesday, the focus now turns to Thursday's OPEC meeting as oil prices fell to $74 per gallon, pressuring oil producers to cut production and prop up prices. Read Article