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stock market outlook and predictionsPredicting the future is no easy task but our experts still do their best to predict the future of the market. By analyzing historical trends and current data, our experts offer their outlook on the market and the various impacts a specific event might have.

Whether it is a new IPO or a newly offered dividend, our experts identify factors that could shape the future of the economy and give advice on how to take advantage of each situation.

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Where to Look for Yield When Gas Prices Are Low

The biggest winners are going to be companies that consume gas, rather than companies that produce gas. Read Article

11 Must-See Stock Charts for November

Recent stock market volatility has created fertile ground for traders. As November approaches, here are 11 stock charts to watch. Read Article

Cash in Profits and Wait for Next Buying Opportunity

Internal indicators are overbought, and the market needs a well-deserved rest. Read Article

Fed Takes the Axe to QE3

The end of the Federal Reserve's QE3 stimulus sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average back below 17k on Wednesday. Read Article

Market Smashes Through Major Technical Barriers

In just one day, the indices have drastically increased their odds of breaking to new highs. Read Article

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Retakes 17,000

The Dow Jones Industrial Average's rise to 17k shows the market's dependance on stimulus and raises the stakes about as high as they can go for Wednesday's decision to end QE3. Read Article

Peak Gold Is Here to Stay

Earlier this month, the broader equities markets suffered huge losses as gold made significant gains. Then, after the broader markets recovered, gold fell. Read Article

Schwab’s Robo-Advisor Not a Game Changer

Schwab's performance is priced into stock and its new Intelligent Portfolios™ will not have a significant effect on next year's earnings. Read Article

Here’s Why the Fed Meeting Doesn’t Matter to Investors

Fed meeting minutes have nothing to offer investors this week, as interest rates will stay put and QE will come to an end. So forget the Fed! Read Article

Reward No Longer Outweighs Risk in Utilities

Investors who sell now should be cashing out close to the top. Read Article

These MLPs Could Increase Dividends in 2015

Energy stocks have faced severe weather on the East Coast to conflicts in Eastern Europe and the Middle East to growing oil and gas production in the U.S. Read Article

Q3 Earnings: Weak Growth & Guidance

For these estimates to hold, guidance needs to improve, but with a majority of the companies providing guidance guiding lower, estimates will come down. Read Article

New Highs May Not Happen Till Mid-November

Volume is decreasing and the key to a breakout is in the hands of high-volume block traders. Read Article

Traders Should Book Short-Term Gains Now

It looks like the market may pause so the bulls can regroup. Read Article

Financials Are Up After Earnings – Will It Last?

Pointing to IBM as evidence that the financial sector is likely to underperform might be strange but makes sense if you think about the problems it's created. Read Article

Watch for This Sign That the Correction Is Over

A penetration of a key moving average would be a strong indication that the bulls are back in charge Read Article

Proof That Fundamentals Aren’t Driving Market Prices

If the yen can’t resume its trend of weakening, then it is likely equities will have a very tough time rallying, likely continuing the downtrend. Read Article

Blue Chips Are Not the Place to Hunt for Bargains

The Dow is so technically damaged its underperformance is likely to continue. Read Article

A Housing Market Recover Is Key to Masco’s Earnings

Investing should wait to see where the housing market goes before Masco (MAS) stock is worth revisiting. Read Article