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stock market outlook and predictionsPredicting the future is no easy task but our experts still do their best to predict the future of the market. By analyzing historical trends and current data, our experts offer their outlook on the market and the various impacts a specific event might have.

Whether it is a new IPO or a newly offered dividend, our experts identify factors that could shape the future of the economy and give advice on how to take advantage of each situation.

Make better investment decisions with our stock market predictions.

Is Warren Buffett Better Than David Einhorn at Picking Stocks?

Warren Buffett’s antiquated stock picks not only beat the market and David Einhorn’s large-cap stock picks, they also generated an annual alpha of 5-plus percentage points between 2008 and 2012. Read Article

Is a Change in Trend at Hand?

The large-cap indices are flashing some warning signs. Read Article

What Is the ‘New Normal’ of Interest Rate Policy?

We expect slower -- or non-existent -- rate hikes to benefit income-payers, small-caps and retail firms directly or indirectly through 2015. Read Article

Stocks Eke Out Weekly Gain Ahead of Easter Holiday

Stocks traded weakly on Thursday, and instead, the action was in commodities, where crude oil churned in response to headlines about an outline to a deal concerning Iran's nuclear program. Read Article

Look for the Best Yields in the Stock Market

Money is not going to leave the U.S. stock market. The S&P 500 has an average dividend yield of 2%, which is higher than the 10-Year Treasury and higher than the bank. Read Article

Market Has Little Room for Error

Key indices are balanced on important support lines. Read Article

7 Reasons Not to Panic About the Economy

Overall, there is no reason to panic heading into first-quarter earnings announcement season as long as you're well positioned to endure the markets ups and downs. Read Article

The Bull is Alive but Needs to Get More Aggressive

April is historically a strong month but could see more reversions to the mean. Read Article

2015’s First Quarter Ends With a Thud

U.S. stocks slumped to close out Q1, and broadly have done little since November. But we might get a pick-up in the days before Good Friday. Read Article

Too Many Mixed Signals to Go Chasing Stocks

Despite a number of bullish features, Dow Theory has failed to confirm. Read Article

The 4 Biggest Stories to Watch in Q2

If you have money in this market, then you need to tune your radar to the circumstances over the next three months influencing your money. Read Article

Gold Prices Set to Soar in Q2

Gold prices, as well as silver prices, are positioned to move to higher levels. Read Article

A Break Below These Levels Could Trigger a Major Pullback

A violation of key inflection points would be a clear signal to move to the sidelines. Read Article

What Does Warren Buffett’s Buyout Mean for Kraft?

There is likely some more weakness for the U.S. dollar in the coming days, but the long-term trend still appears to be towards parity. Read Article

First Corporate Earnings Decline Since 2008 Won’t Skewer This Bull Market

When it comes to corporate earnings, the U.S. GDP report has little bearing on what the market will do next. Read Article

Investing in Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs Just Became Complicated

Everything pharmaceutical companies thought they knew about Alzheimer's disease may (or may not) be wrong. Read Article

Buyers Need to Get a Move On…

Or we may be locked into a negative intermediate trend as we enter the second quarter. Read Article

6 Industries Threatened by Driverless Cars

Driverless cars may sound like a win for consumers, but the technology poses a major threat to a number of industries. Read Article

How Health Trends Boost Margins for Agriculture

Emerging importance of the "higher-margin food ingredient sector" relates to the desire of health-conscience consumers for non-GMO, gluten-free, low-fat, high protein and high fiber diets, which food companies are responding to and moving toward higher efficiency, sustainability and smaller carbon footprints. Read Article

3 Biotechs That Could Radically Change the Medicine Forever

In the next two to three years, we are going to see whether we really can fix diseases by driving the body to do the repairs, instead of adding products into the body to handle the symptoms of disease. Read Article