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stock market outlook and predictionsPredicting the future is no easy task but our experts still do their best to predict the future of the market. By analyzing historical trends and current data, our experts offer their outlook on the market and the various impacts a specific event might have.

Whether it is a new IPO or a newly offered dividend, our experts identify factors that could shape the future of the economy and give advice on how to take advantage of each situation.

Make better investment decisions with our stock market predictions.

Support Lines Crushed in a Rush for the Exit

At a crucial point in a major cycle, stockholders sold when they were expected to buy. Read Article

Why China’s Slowdown Will Put a Drag on Google Stock

Another headwind for Google stock: As the Chinese economy slows, Beijing will ratchet up its already-stringent censorship efforts against Gmail. Read Article

Our Picks for the Best CEOs of 2014

It’s easy to hate CEOs with their exorbitant salaries, perks and stock options – particularly when missteps by high-profile corner office occupants like Sears Holdings’ (SHLD) Eddie Lampert and United Technologies (UTX) chief Louis Chenevert led to their unceremonious exits in 2014. But some CEOs did it right in 2014. Read Article

Why the Next Week of Trading Is Crucial

The severity of the pullback will help us establish a short-term and longer-term stance. Read Article

Stocks Close Out 2014 With a Whimper

Stocks ended broadly lower to finish off 2014, and the new year could very well start off on the wrong foot given narrowing buying interest. Read Article

Beware Other Investments at Risk in Oil Slide

Beware of high yield bonds and consumer discretionary if oil prices tank further. Read Article

Low-Volume Pullback Looks Like History Repeating

Tuesday's decline was similar to the one following a strong December 2013. Read Article

Santa Claus Rally Broken as Dow Jones Loses 18,000

With no specific catalyst in sight, investors drove down the Dow Jones and other major indices on Tuesday. Read Article

4 Major Index Trends Going Into 2015

While classic patterns haven't yet formed to provide 2015 price targets for the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average or Nasdaq, Profit Scanner powered by Recognia did review all of the short-term events to identify the broader trends for the major indices in 2015. Read Article

Is It Too Late to Jump Aboard Utilities?

The staid Dow Jones Utility Average has gone parabolic, beating out other major indices. Read Article

Apple Is Watching Russia, You Should Too

While a few multinational companies -- like Apple -- do business in Russia, most are insulated from these problems, but keep monitoring the situation with Russia just in case you need to take action. Read Article

What is the News Revealing About the U.S. Economy?

The big news was the GDP revision showing that, in the final analysis, the U.S. economy grew at a 5% annualized rate in the third quarter, which is the fastest quarter on record in 11 years Read Article

Corrections Are Coming in 2015

Bad signs from the healthcare sector and Teasury bonds are pointing towards inevitable corrections in the new year. Read Article

Is Janet Yellen Really Santa Claus in This Rally?

Wall Street seemed to look past falling oil prices and get into the holiday spirit as the markets rallied, which many are now calling the "Yellen Claus rally." Read Article

Is the Demand for Oil Growing or Not?

According to the latest industrial production surveys, economic growth is expanding in both China and the eurozone. So, global demand for crude oil is still growing. Read Article

3 Predictions to Look Forward to in 2015

I expect stocks to benefit from low interest rates, a strong U.S. dollar and an improving U.S. economy. Read Article

Take a Bullish but Cautious Approach

Be sure to use stops since volatility can turn a profit into a loss in a blink. Read Article