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stock market outlook and predictionsPredicting the future is no easy task but our experts still do their best to predict the future of the market. By analyzing historical trends and current data, our experts offer their outlook on the market and the various impacts a specific event might have.

Whether it is a new IPO or a newly offered dividend, our experts identify factors that could shape the future of the economy and give advice on how to take advantage of each situation.

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5 Reports Show Impacts of Oil Prices, Evidence of Deflation

I'm here to help you sift through the barrage of economic data out there and determine what this will mean for your stocks. Read Article

Non-Confirmation Still Troubling Traders

The transports' inability to follow the industrials to a new high is unnerving. Read Article

Here’s Why the S&P 500 Dropped Last Week

Several multi-international companies have already warned that the stronger U.S. dollar is going to continue to pinch profits -- and many have issued lower guidance for the first quarter. As a result, a flight to quality will accelerate as investors flock to stocks with positive sales and earnings growth. Read Article

Small Caps vs. Big Caps? The Answer Is Clear

The charts show investors looking for stocks to buy should focus on smaller companies. Read Article

One Good Day Isn’t Evidence of a New Uptrend

The action was bullish to be sure, but it's not to be trusted -- yet. Read Article

Beware of Uncertainty Creeping Back Into the Market

We aren’t ready to give up on the bull market by any means, but these problems may keep the major stock indices channel-bound in the short term. Read Article

Why the Dollar Rally Is Hurting Your Commodities

I recommend a handful of commodities-related stocks, and we're seeing the strong dollar weigh on these stocks in the near-term. Read Article

Buy Dividend Stocks During the Market’s Timeout

The major uptrend, dating from Mar. 9, 2009, is still intact, and so far, I've detected no evidence that would point to a big downturn in the offing. Read Article

How the U.S. Dollar and Interest Rates Are Shaping the Market

To understand why stocks and other assets have been difficult in 2015, we must understand the dynamics in interest rates and the U.S. dollar. Read Article

How to Go Bargain Hunting in This Market

Look to buy your favorite stocks at least 10% below Tuesday's close. Read Article

Beware of a False Breakout

A decline below important support indicates there are not enough buyers to reverse the recent decline. Read Article

What’s Right or Wrong With the Economy?

Many market indices have set new records, and the Nasdaq finally crossed 5000 again last week. Read Article

These Energy Stocks Ask, ‘What Russian Sanctions?’

There's been a flurry of deals in Russia lately. Maybe the sanctions aren't so bad after all and it's time to buy Russian energy stocks. Read Article

What Happened to Oil Prices and the Middle Eastern Put?

People aren't talking about it now, but it's only a matter of time before new unrest in the Middle East triggers a jump in oil prices. Read Article

The Dow Number to Watch Today

A close below this level would result in a much weaker near-term situation. Read Article

Boring Stocks May be the Way to Go

While few techs appear to be good buys, there are some excellent prospects elsewhere. Read Article

Time to Play Defense

The Dow will most likely test its 50-day moving average. Read Article

Where to Invest With the Nasdaq Over 5K

The Nasdaq has matured since the last time the Nasdaq reached above 5,000 in 1999, and there is still room to grow. One industry will push the Nasdaq to higher highs, and two regions present attractive investing opportunities. Read Article

What to Expect From Gold After Its Bottom

Investors starting in the gold market now will be quite happy because they are starting at a bottom. However, those who have been invested in gold for many years have a lot of lost ground to recover. Read Article