Market Outlook

All Eyes on the Dow After Tuesday’s Selloff

Keep an eye on the Dow Jones Industrial Average -- the senior index is in a narrow band between important support and big overhead resistance. Read Article

Toss Your Junk (Bonds) in the Trunk – Linkfest (Aug 5)

Find out why junk bonds are starting to take a hit, and whether there's anywhere left for income seekers. Plus, is Coca-Cola repeating an old mistake? Read Article

3 Reasons the Market Selloff Isn’t Finished

Several fundamental catalysts, such as international issues and the possibility of higher interest rates, could weigh on stocks. But these technical indicators are flashing red, too. Read Article

Don’t Get Too Giddy Over That Dead-Cat Bounce

Sure, Monday's action was positive -- but the bulls have a long way to go to make up for last week's ugliness. Read Article

Are Emerging Markets Back?

Strong contributions from emerging markets in Q2 are helping U.S. companies post the best earnings growth in years. Read Article

50 Billion Reasons Why Warren Buffett Is Bearish

Warren Buffett seems to be bearish on the market right now, based on Berkshire Hathaway's $50B cash hoard and a lack of acquisition activity. Read Article

Bank Bailouts Part Deux – Linkfest (Aug 4)

Bank bailouts are back! Find out what it means for markets, and discover Brazil's beef with Banco Santander. Read Article

The Near-Term Forecast Calls for Continued Selling

The bull market is still intact, but the bears have the ball and look ready to drive prices lower. Stay out of their way for the time being. Read Article

So much for Dow 23,000 – Linkfest (Aug 1)

Check out the details about the Dow drop, the news about index funds and the best of Sharknado, all in today's linkfest from InvestorPlace Read Article

July Jobs Report – Winners & Losers

The July jobs reports showed that payrolls expanded by more than 200,000 for a sixth straight month -- a record going back to 1997. Read Article

Don’t Lose Your Sense of Value in This Market

Panic will only keep you from taking advantage of solid bargains. Read Article

NLRB Ruling on McDonald’s Puts Franchising Stocks in Jeopardy

The recent ruling by the National Labor Relations Board is likely to cause a ripple effect on the franchising model. Read Article

Commodities Are Back in Style – Linkfest (July 31)

Discovery why commodity investing is hot again, and take a look into a brighter U.S. economy and self-healing robots. Read Article

Nasdaq Threatens to Break Double-Top

The index outperformed its large-cap rivals and is just 22 points off its highs. Read Article

What to Know About Wednesday’s Economic Data Flurry, and What to Do About It

A pile of economic data just landed in Wall Street's lap -- here's what GDP growth, inflation and private jobs data are saying. Read Article

Will the Rising U.S. Dollar Derail the Rally in Gold? (GLD)

Gold prices and GLD have performed well so far this year, but will the rising U.S. dollar could be a persistent threat to continued gains in 2014. Read Article

Don’t Forget Your Investing Basics – Linkfest (July 30)

After a five-year bull market, it's easy to forget your investing basics. Today's linkfest shows you why that's a problem. Read Article

Is It Time to Buy Small Caps?

The Russell 2000 is attempting a second reversal at its 200-day moving average. Read Article

What’s Next for This Wishy Washy Market?

Key areas of the market are rolling over, and parts of the bond market are also flashing warning signs of potential weakness for stocks. Read Article

Bears’ Growls Drove Some to Safety

Investors fled to the relative safety of utility stocks and took profits in the transports. Read Article